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Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics


Subsecretario de Cultura LIc. During this period, the world film industry has changed. There are many more film festivals and in Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics, quality film production is scarcer than in the sixties.

Attempts were made earlier to put this festival back into swing, but political and Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics conditions Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics not make it possible, until, in recent years, economic stability and development allowed us to harbor the illusion of once again holding the Mar del Plata Film Festival. Nevertheless, it was necessary to wait until our film industry recovered and this required passing of new legislation -today in full force- that has enabled the production and release of more than 30 Argentine feature films.

When at the Cannes Film Festival, in May earlier this year, the holding of our Twelfth Film Festival was announced, as organizers we had the premonition Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics it would be a success.

We found that everyone was well predisposed for Latin America to once again have a festival accredited by FIAPF as competitive and therefore, on a similar level with the most important festivals in the world. On this occasion we have an important participation from Spain, Italy and France, countries with whom Argentina has very profound cultural ties. But, these are also countries whose film authorities understand the importance of our festival to recover a market that was once very significant for European film.

We have not left the Latin American presence unattended, and we have of course, included in the different sections the numerous Argentine productions released this year We have also organized different conferences and round tables that, without a doubt, will contribute to the cultural mark that this event has always had.

Elio Aprile and to all the film organizations for their enthusiastic support.


A word of thanks to the press, our sponsors and my assistants at all levels that have made every effort for this festival to be a success, as it must be, so that every year, when November comes around, Mar del Plata should once again host a great celebration of world film.

Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics por eso pensamos que este nuevo espacio podrIa acrecentar los horizontes de sus pelIculas y al mismo tiempo abrir el nuestro hacia ellos. Ahora solo nos queda darles la bienvenida a este reencuentro. I hen six months ago, we announced our plans for WW If the Mar del Plata Festival at Cannes, we knew we were fulfilling a long cherished dream, though reaching our goal would imply overcoming many obstacles. When the not-soyoung among us recalled the beaches Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics the sixties and the cultural atmosphere, no doubts remained: We laboured over the films, the sections and the guests, but we also laboured over the political and cultural trend we wanted to guarantee.

We wished to have everything under control.


To establish a profile to be recovered after 25 years. We realized then that only actual experience would give us a true measure for our ambitions and achievements.

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We considered Argentine film and International film. We measured the distance and found that the problems we suffer in Latin America or in the European Community, beyond distances and cost, are very similar Perhaps this is why we believe that this new space can open horizons for European film as well as for ours. At the turn of this century, the situation of the art of film requires thinking and rethinking values Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics specificities.

More than films will be covered in our many different sections. Nouvelle Vague and Cahiers do Cinema. Ken Loach, Arturo Ripstein, the Coen Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics. John Sayles, Bernard Giraudeau.

The films, without any doubt, cover a broad spectrum that is directed at the general public, the specialist and the film student, offering a space in which to find reflections of Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics passion and desires. We welcome you to this revival. He was born in Las Palmas, Chaco Argentina in He studied law and published three books of poems between andbefore dedicating himself to the cinema as of As a representative of the Argentine intelligentsia of those days, Antin was noted for a cinema linked both in form and in content to the nouvelle vague, including when it came to adapting works by other authors, as in the case of Julio Cortazar: Far away and Long Ago and The Invitation and to an oeuvre which preceded his lauded work at the helm of the Argentine Film Institute from toand the launching of the Cinema University Foundation, which he currently heads.

Claudio Espafla es crItico cinematografico, y como tal se ha desempenado en las redacciones de! Festival de San Sebastian. Espafia presenta diariamente e! A graduate in literary studies at the University of Buenos Aires, where he currently teaches, Claudio Espa Pa is a film critic, and has worked at the La Opinion newspaper and, for the last two decades, at La NaciOn, where he is one of the paper's most important reviewers. His career includes participation in the center of research into the History of the Argentine Cinema within the Argentine Cinematheque Foundationwhich, in the mid- s, carried out an in-depth exploration of the past of the local cinema that was, in turn, the starting point for a number of collective undertakings in which he participated, such as Report of the Argentine Cinema.

Infor the daily Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics NaciOn, he coordinated the first history of the world cinema written entirely by Argentines in Spanish, as an homage to the centennial of the cinema.

Jury in international festivals and delegate of the San Sebastian Film Festival, Espa Pa Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics the anchor of the Argentine cinema cycle programmed by the Space cable channel. Elsa Martinelli was born in Florence, Italy. She began her career as a fashion model attracting the attention of the photographers of Life magazine.

In she travelled to the United States contracted by actor-producer Kirk Douglas. On her return to Italy she worked with Mario Moniccelli and Mauro Bolognini, Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics becoming one of the most sophisticated cinema actresses of her country. She has acted under importants directors: Her work includes superproductions and passionate roles.

She also worked under the direction of Elio Petri and Alberto Lattuada. Talentosa y distinguida primera actriz del teatro frances. Inshe married Michel Drach, the director of several of her films.

She has performed under importants directors —Rene Clair in a episode of La francaise et I'amour—, in Le violons du bal and Le passe simple. In the 80s, she worked in The Disobedience, with Ste fania Sandrelli. Su primer largometraje, realizado a! Arturo Ripstein was born in Mexico City, Mexico in and is one of the prominent figures of the Central American cinema in the last two decades. He began with 16 mm films, studied law and at 19 was assistant to Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics Bufluel in The Exterminating Angel.

His first full length film came when he was 21 years old: Tiempo de Morir, based on a tale by Gabriel Garcia Mdrquez. En abandona el teatro Para dedicarse por completo al cine y a La television de su pais. She is one of the all-time great Spanish actresses. She had her debut in the theatre when she was an adolescent at age thirteen, in small parts in the Maria Guerrero theatre company of Madrid, with Luis Escobar as her director As leading actress she interpreted Spanish Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics and modern authors, such as Luigi Pirandello, Carlos Mufliz, Alfonso Sastre and many others.

She belonged to the group Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics "realist theatre" and later formed her own company. In she gave up the theatre completely for her country's cinema and television.

She is married to the Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics Alfredo Matas and has participated in Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics fifty films, some outstanding: No es buena que el hombre estE solo, Beatriz and La loba y la paloma.

The success achieved with Rio Cuarenta Graus brought attention to the Brazilian Cinema Novo, and shortly after followed Vidas Secaswhich according to Georges Sadoul was a masterpiece. After this success, Pereira directed El Justiciero before going into exile and returning in His work is characterized by a dry, incisive style, and in particular with the arrival of the 70s, a concern for the socio-economic problems of his country.

He became the Brazilian director with the most identifiable film style. Na Estrada da Vida and Memorias do Carcere are clear examples of his rigorous cinema language which always uses Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics from his land.

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Recently Pereira dos Santos has come back with titles which have received excellent response at international festivals, such as Cinema das Lagrimas Pintor, diseflador Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics escenOgrafo de merecido reconocimiento internacional, Eugenio Zanetti recibiO ci premio Talia en A painter and set designer with well-deserved international recognition, Eugenio Zanetti received the Talia award in Between and he lived in Europe and the United States and had his first contact with the cinema as set designer for Pier Paolo Pasolini's Medea, From to the present he has staged more than 30 individual shows in Argentina and other countries.

From tohe lived in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Upon his return to Argentina he designed stage sets. Soon afterwards, he left again for the United States, where he established himself in the film industry with works of diverse kinds, such as Flatliners, Slam Dance and The Last Action Hero, with Arnold Schwarzenegger In he was awarded the Academy Award for production design in Restoration. Hacemos esto al escribir sobre pelIcuias en diarios o revistas especializadas, en estaciones de radio y en television, inciuso en la Internet.

En Mar del Plata, no solo evaluaremos el cine internacional, enfocaremos asimismo nuestra Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics en ci cine Iatinoamericano. Esperamos a veces estamos convencidos que este premio puede ayudar a algunas pelIculas a obtener una mejor distribuciOn, o lisa y Ilanamente a lograr set distribuIdas, y a aicanzar la atenciOn del pOblico. Tal vez nuestra actividad pueda ayudar a que el cine latinoamericano sea mejor conocido en Europa y en otras partes del mundo.

Dicho sea de Paso, en los diplomas de nuestros premios reproducimos un dibujo original realizado por Glauber Rocha, el famoso director brasileno.

Hacemos Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics por razones culturales, no polItias: Estamos cooperando, pot ejemplo, con la Academia Europea de Cine y estamos decidiendo, dentro del marco de los premios Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics de cine, un Felix de los CrIticos.

Finalmente, FIPRESCI defiende los Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics e intereses de los crIticos profesionales de cine y de los escritores sobre cine, y realiza esfuerzos para mejorar sus condiciones de trabajo toda vez que ello es posible. Esto es bueno, pero no suficientemente bueno: Es con sumo gusto que acudimos, con un jurado, a Mar del Plata. Algunos de nuestros colegas recuerdan a6n el viejo festival, y esperamos y deseamos que la iniciativa de revivir este importante punto de encuentro del cine mundial sea exitosa.

El cine argentino, el cine latinoamericano, necesita de estas vidrieras. Sergio WolfCestvais offer a most exciting opportunity Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics become acquainted with world cinema. As film critics, it is our interest.

blica y creación de empleo)...

I and often our pleasure, to support national cinema, in all its form and diversity, considering it an important part of national culture and identity. We do this by writing about films, in newspapers or specialized magazines, in radio and television stations or on the Internet. In Mar del Plata, we 'II not only judge the international cinema; we also will focus our attention on Latin American cinema.

We hope and Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics we know that this prize can help some films to get a better distribution, or a distribution at all, and to win a better public attention.

Maybe our activity can help to make Latin American cinema better known in Europe and in other parts of the world. The basic purpose of the organization, which now has national sections in over 60 countries all over the world, is to support cinema as an art and as an Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics and autonomous means of expression.

We do this for cultural, not for political reasons: FIPRESCI also organizes conferences and seminars and is increasingly playing a part in Mauricio clark se confiesa adicto y homosexual statistics number of cultural activities designed to protect and encourage independent film-making and national cinema.

We are, for example, co-operating with the European Film Academy and are deciding, within the framework of the European Rim Awards, a "Felix of the Critics. This is good, but it is not good enough:

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