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Film critic and pop culture historian Richard Crouse shares his take on six movies opening in cinemas across Canada this weekend: Did you love "Halloween III: Season of the Witch"? Wipe it from your memory.

What about "Halloween H How about "Halloween 4: The Sexy download photo of Michael Myers" or any of the other masked-killer films that came after John Carpenter's slasher classic? When you Sexy download photo down money for a ticket to the new "Halloween" you are erasing four decades of slashing and dashing and seeing a Sexy download photo follow-up to the original film.

Sexy download photo Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode, the resourceful babysitter who, forty years ago, bravely stood up to masked Sexy download photo Michael Myers Nick Castle. The Sexy download photo years have seen her raise her now estranged daughter Karen Judy Greer and live in a home fortified with booby-traps in case Myers Sexy download photo reappear. Tucked away in Smith's Grove Sanatorium he is silent, a man who hasn't spoken since committing his first murder at the age of six.

When two British true crime podcasters, Aaron Korey Jefferson Hall and Dana Haines Rhian Reestry to pry an interview out of Myers they arrive Sexy download photo before the Bogeyman escapes, puts on the famous mask and Sexy download photo his killing career with an eye toward the one victim who got away all those years ago.

The and movies share more than a title and a leading lady. They share structural DNA and frights galore. The film feels fresh, timely and like a throwback to the moody low-fi scares of the original slasher flicks. Castle is as eerie as always but it is Curtis who steals the show.

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Sexy download photo is grown up, suffers from PTSD and by her own words is "a basket case. It's tremendous stuff and in the MeToo era the kind of heroine reclaiming her power that should make Sexy download photo cheer. Low key and amiable, "The Old Man and the Gun" is a crime drama about the nicest bank robber ever. Robert Redford, age 82, Sexy download photo a stick-up man whose victims gush Sexy download photo how polite and well-mannered he was as he relieved them of their cash.

Forest Tucker Redfordcareer criminal and all round nice guy, is part of a gang the press would later name Sexy download photo Over-The-Hill-Gang. All north of seventy, the thieves Danny Glover and Sexy download photo Waits rob rural banks, Sexy download photo making off with hundreds, not thousands Sexy download photo dollars.

Calm and collected, they get in and out quickly. Sexy download photo break my heart. Driving the getaway car after one bank job, Tucker stops to assist a stranded motorist.

As the police whiz by he gives Jewel Sissy Spacek a line of chat that charms her enough to agree to go for a cup of coffee. The pair hit it off and begin a friendship that borders on the romantic. Meanwhile Sexy download photo and crew are robbing banks, sometimes more than one a day, a streak Sexy download photo draws the attention of detective John Hunt Casey Affleck and the FBI.

The mostly true story of Tucker and his life of crime and Sexy download photo is a Sexy download photo affair anchored by the easy charms of Redford and Spacek.

Redford made a career playing rascally anti-heroes like the leads in "The Sting" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Sexy download photo. Spacek plays Jewel as a woman of strength; a person who has seen it all, but is still open to finding something new.

Oct 19, In this file...

Together the pair bring life experiences that create a lived-in chemistry that is never less than watchable. Add to that a Sexy download photo performance from Tom Waits — every line of his dialogue sounds like a line from one of his songs — and you have a new take on an American staple, the charismatic scoundrel.

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The non-linear story begins with David admitting he no longer knows his son. Then a mix of contemporary and flashback scenes tells the story of a young man who says crystal math "takes the edge off reality. When I Sexy download photo it I felt better than I ever had," he continues, "so I just Sexy download photo doing it. The film follows David's attempt to rescue his son, paying for stints in a rehab and spending time searching for Nic on a rainy streets and in back alleys.

It's a study on how one person's addiction can have a ripple effect through many people's lives. There are many touching moments in "Beautiful Boy.

Imagine sending your brilliant Sexy download photo — he was accepted to six universities — to rehab, knowing his fate is Sexy download photo of your hands.

Carell also nicely plays the frustration of not understanding why his "beautiful boy" just can't say no to drugs. That "relapse is part of the program.

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It's strong work coupled by Chalamet's performance as a charismatic Sexy download photo troubled young man who idolizes Charles Bukowski take on the dark side of Sexy download photo. Much of "Beautiful Boy" works but — and there is Sexy download photo big but — I never felt overly moved by the story. It should be heartbreaking to watch Nic throw his life away, but we never learn enough about him to feel deeply for his plight.

We know he was a cute kid, tight with his father, that he loves his siblings and is very smart, but those are broad strokes that don't paint a detailed Sexy download photo picture.

It's a metaphor Sexy download photo Stewart's work protecting sharks but it's also a poignant reminder that, while he died during the production of the film, his work Sexy download photo stopped.

The film is a companion piece to "Sharkwater," the investigative documentary that first gave voice to Stewart's message of shark preservation. That movie exposed the cruel practice of "finning": The new film aims to continue the story. In locations ranging from Costa Rica and Florida to the Bahamian Cat Island and Panama, Stewart and his team update the details from the first film adding colour in the form of locals Sexy download photo one fisherman tells the story of a fin trader who makes millions but declines to name names for his Sexy download photo safety; facts and figures — we're told 80, sharks Sexy download photo killed every year illegally; beautiful underwater photography, and heartfelt commentary from Stewart.

Because Stewart died while making the film in January of"Sharkwater Extinction" is part call to action and part tribute to the man and his work. Sexy download photo film itself doesn't feel entirely finished — there are many loose ends — but Stewart's essential warning that we may lose a vital species to our way of life if corruption and the pirate shark industry continue rings through loud and clear. His work, the film makes clear, isn't done. In fact, it has only just begun.

This Thanksgiving is set against a backdrop of sweeping new legislation that will affect every American. Called the Patriot's Oath, it's a document the government expects every red-blooded American to sign as a declaration of their loyalty.

One couple, the hot-headed ideologue Chris Barinholtz and his unflappable wife Kai Tiffany Haddishrefuse to sign. As their extended family, including Chris's sister Alice Carrie Brownsteinconservative brother Sexy download photo Jon Barinholtz and his Tomi-Lahren-Lite girlfriend Abbie Meredith Hagnerconvene just days before the Loyalty Pledge signing deadline, the situation spirals out of control.

Two officers from the Citizen's Protection Unit John Cho and Billy Magnussen show up at Chris and Kai's front door, armed with questions, toxic masculinity and a disregard for the Sexy download photo. Pitched just a hair under hysterical, it's a timely dark comedy that seeks to shine a light on the political chasm that divides the left and right wings. Under some well-crafted jokes bubbles a righteous rage worthy of Alex Jones if he leaned left Sexy download photo than alt-right.

Barinholtz uses a sledgehammer to explore the basis Sexy download photo belief, Sexy download photo very thing that can either bring us together or, more often than not, tear us apart. Subtle it Sexy download photo not. It Sexy download photo the surface of how divisive politics drives wedges between Sexy download photo and family but Sexy download photo to lean toward broad comedy rather than insight to make its point.

College student Blake's Jessica Barden relationship column for her school Sexy download photo has gotten Sexy download photo. Chivalry is a thing of the past and the Nora Ephron-esque ideal of romance doesn't exist, for Blake, at least. With Sexy download photo to write about her column Sexy download photo at risk of being cancelled until Blake meets Morgan, a young woman who dates wealthy men in return for presents.

She's not a prostitute, she's a self-declared "sugar baby.

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Intrigued by Morgan's situation and sensing a way to spice up her column Blake spends time with Ian, an older college professor Timm Sharpin return Sexy download photo presents like mopeds Sexy download photo bracelets. She is Sexy download photo him for material; he's using her for sex. The question remains, Can Blake's self esteem and college career survive her "relationship" with Ian?

In short, she's a real person, not some confection direct from her favourite writer Ephron's imagination. She is the solid core that anchors the film. It's a promising feature debut from Stone who, Sexy download photo director and co-writer, both embraces and rejects the typical romantic comedy formula.

Catch up on all the entertainment news, reviews and interviews at the Pop Life website. Published Friday, October 19, 7: The Herald-Sun, Christine T. Jamie Lee Curtis, star of "Halloween," banters with photographers at the L. Jamie Sexy download photo Curtis in a scene from the horror film classic, "Halloween," directed by John Carpenter.

Timothee Chalamet, left, and Steve Carell on Sept. Actor Timothee Chalamet poses for photographs with fans upon arrival at the premiere of the film 'Beautiful Boy' in London, on Oct. Ike Barinholtz attends the world premiere Sexy download photo "The Oath" at the Sexy download photo. Film Festival on Sept.

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Movie reviews: 'Halloween'...

It's a metaphor for Stewart's work protecting sharks but it's also a poignant reminder that, while he died during the production of the film, his work hasn't stopped.

That movie exposed the cruel practice of "finning": It skims the surface of how divisive politics drives wedges between friends and family but tends to lean toward broad comedy rather than insight to make its point.

Film critic and pop culture historian Richard Crouse shares his take on six movies opening in cinemas across Canada this weekend: Add to that a scene-stealing performance from Tom Waits — every line of his dialogue sounds like a line from one of his songs — and you have a new take on an American staple, the charismatic scoundrel. Imagine sending your brilliant year-old — he was accepted to six universities — to rehab, knowing his fate is out of your hands.

When you lay down money for a ticket to the new "Halloween" you are erasing four decades of slashing and dashing and seeing a direct follow-up to the original film.

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