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Sexual double-cultivation qigong practice


Since ancient times, Taoists acquire sought to tap the power of sexuality to heal the body, concentrate love nearnesss, and realize elevated states of enlightenment. The Chinese texts on sexology are the oldest in the world. Individual branch is medical sexology methods focused on improving bodily health: These medical sexology practices focus on balancing the kidney and liver qi-functions.

The kidney spirit or intelligence which rules the prostate, testicles, bladder, blood, and bone marrow is responsible for the duration of generating carnal vitality, and the liver spirit regulates the genitals and expresses sexual qi.

These practices focus more on the kidney-heart relationship as the axis of sexual volatility between two lovers. That outer alchemical water-fire relationship needs to be covenanted and brought into weight before at one proceeds to alchemy meditation practice, the union of the inner male and female.

Sperm is the male bank of progenitive energy or jingqi, which according to Chinese theory is squandered through unwarranted sex and ejaculation. Fashionable science offers some confirming evidence: A scientific cram showed that male nematode worms lived twice as long when they were biologically altered to bring to a halt sperm shrinkage. Once a man has ejaculated, on this cut in on cycle he may wish to present it repeatedly the next day.

As you liberation the blockages in yourself, you behoove reduced self-absorbed and more generous and give to someone else. As you evolve into more connected to yourself, it becomes increasingly easier to perceive more completely in compensation someone else. And, in that play, a wonderful merging, you can common sense the chi of the other as lots as you affair the chi in yourself.

When chi flows strongly in you, it becomes a healing and smoothing efficacy, exceptionally respected when you are sharing a resilience well-adjusted and encountering the strains essential to the anthropoid fitness.

You can degrade that vibrant, numerous vigour constant tween you, remit it and make oneself scarce the growing intimacy among you to lots deeper levels.

As with all chi practices, sex qigong techniques are meant to augmentation the tender-heartedness and awareness of chi flows within you and your accomplice.

How can I learn these techniques? There are a number of classical and popular modern books filled with descriptions of exotic sexual positions, techniques, and guidelines. Many of them include life-nourishing or health-promoting advice. With 5, years of culture, it is no surprise the Chinese have created methods for everything from obscure healing techniques to deadly martial skills, from slow cooking to hot sex. Consenting and creative adults can enjoy a delightfully good time trying out the various positions, timings and methods of counting to prolong and enhance pleasure.

You might even reap some health benefits. However, certain practices, such as forced retention, can also prove very harmful if done incorrectly. The Taoist classics specifically warn against mistaking these practices for Internal Alchemy.

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Away abstaining from intercourse, the spirit has no break for expansiveness, yin and yang are blocked and cut slack from a man another. Procreative love can be one of the most dynamic human experiences. Over the past two thousand years, certain Daoist and Tantric cultures sought to wire-tap the ability of sexuality to produce elevated priestly states of awareness and achieve immortality.

These practices appear to have originated in China and India and subsequential spread to Tibet and elsewhere in Asia. Daoism and Tantrism are both experiential approaches to spark of life, and appropriation similar microcosmic-macrocosmic theories of the woman body as an inner mirror of outer Sort. The body-centered cosmology of each has led to a spectrum of sex practices that range from ritualized man sexual sexual intercourse to chastity accompanied nearby conscious subtle-body love making.

Bokemkamp, Constitution, 43; Wile , 25, White, Deflating, Both posit a multi-dimensional cosmos governed past divine, all pervading contrary energies identified in Tantra as Shakti-Shiva deities or in Daoism as the yin-yang forces of The blessed and Turf.

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The Quest for...

Was this seemingly compulsive sexual behavior by enlightened masters a kind of crazy wisdom, an intentionally paradoxical Tantric behavior that we morality-bound Westerners could not understand, or was there something else going on here? March 4, at 4: One discovery that emerged from our sharing of Daoist, Tantric, and Bon Dzogchen teachings that had been absorbed into Tibetan Buddhism was the clear similarity of Daoist alchemy subtle body coupling using pearls and channels to the completion stage annutarayoga Tantric practices with its colored male and female drops and winds.

My thesis is that amongst the Tantric male teachers who brought their sexual wares to the West, few had any actual training in physical sexual practices. At a moment prior to ejaculation whether in coitus with a woman or self-pleasuring , the orgasmically vibrating seminal qi is introjected by the man up his spinal yang fire channel dumai, Governor Vessel to refresh the brain and its master glands, the pituitary and pineal.

Once the Microcosmic Orbit is open, it is much easier to balance the chi flow to the endocrine glands along its path:


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Sexual double-cultivation qigong practice

Silent Dao

This was sometimes true for men who did not integrate semen retention with other Daoist subtle body practices. He had a genius for translating obscure mystical concepts into a workable Western psychology. It is not necessary to become celibate to gain the benefits of recycling sexual energy. His answer was evasive, mentioning that some cultures allowed multiple wives, implying sexual-spiritual development was completely culture-determined rather than obeying some cosmic law.

If we infuse sexual essence into the alchemical marriage of our body and soul, it activates the process of birthing our immortal self.

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