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Le petit robert des noms propres online dating


Take the list of medieval European queens that another friend of mine compiled. The most popular names were Eleanor, Anne, Mary, and Elizabeth.

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The problem, he pointed out, was that these names changed according to what language you read them in. To make matters worse, when she married Henry Plantagenet, she was then known as Eleanor of England—making it really hard for future generations to know that that Eleanor was not English, but French.

If we take into consideration the fact that medieval queens, due largely to the perils of childbirth, rarely made it past their early twenties, and their husbands—who were likely named Henry, William, or Charles—remarried other Eleanors, Annes, Marys, and Elizabeths, we end up with Le petit robert des noms propres online dating royal mess… Le petit robert des noms propres online dating use of articles is often thorny.

Yet, for El Salvadorthe article is always preserved in English as in Spanish. When Spanish-speakers travel, we keep the article for some countries, but not for others: There are Le petit robert des noms propres online dating rules, just conventions. Ukrainians insist that their country be referred to in English as Ukrainerather than the Ukraineas a sign of their independence from Russia.

It is worth noting that neither the Ukrainian nor the Russian language has a definite article. On the other hand, cities like la Habana, den Haag, o Rio de Janeiro, which have an article in their original names, may not have it when translated into another language… The gender of cities can be more problematic.

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Le petit robert des noms propres online dating remember seeing a sign in Le petit robert des noms propres online dating French Riviera that read Le vieux Nice. In French, however, it is, at first glance, masculine. It was not until I checked in Le Petit Robert des noms propres that I realized it was deceptive, as the masculine adjective vieux modifies the implied quartiernot the city.

It would seem that Nice is also feminine in French. Under Genre des noms propres de villesitem 2, it states that authors often contradict themselves in a single article, but that the masculine seems to Le petit robert des noms propres online dating precedence.

It also states that when one refers not to the toponym, but to its inhabitants, the masculine is preferred, especially when used with tout: I noticed Le petit robert des noms propres online dating mistake: I also take note of the following odd remark: I certainly hope not. The original source is the online Translation Journal.

To my knowledge, Mexico has been spelled with an x since the Conquest era. The paragraph about pinyin in the Le petit robert des noms propres online dating article is a bit puzzling, indeed. I would even tend to consider that it could confuse anyone unfamiliar with Chinese: Shanghai, Tianjin, Canton with an occasional adaptation e.

OK, how do you pronounce Bexar County? I may not be a Texan, but I know Texans… Jimmy: I did not mean to be harsh on an erudite and thought-stimulating article. It is, in itself, very positive that Albin felt the necessity to include a non-Roman language in her examples. That is something I always expect, as by default, from journalistic writings, but I tend to have higher exigences with language professionals.

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If I reacted a bit vividly, it may be because people are still too often given a free Le petit robert des noms propres online dating when talking about Chinese, while similar statements on more familiar languages would never go unchallenged.

The degeneration of the original comment thread was hilarious to outside observers. Is Karl the same name as Carl?

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This kind of thread degeneration has happened before on languagehat, I seem to recall a whole bunch of people wanting to know if their surnames were Jewish. Once a question like this gets into Google it can become self-reinforcing. Matt Haughey posted a couple of other examples: Dear Maury and Dear Overhaulin. The degeneration is hilarious to me, too, but eventually I decide enough is enough or, if you prefer, genug iz shoyn genug.

Thus, Carl papa Carlo — pleasant smell of fresh-cut wood is very different Le petit robert des noms propres online dating Karl Marx, smells of blood.

Where I grew up there were several Carls and one Karl. It might have been a question of assimilation, since Karl would have Le petit robert des noms propres online dating the ancestral name Le petit robert des noms propres online dating all cases.

What did your logs look like? Was it one site funneling you all that traffic? Was there any indication of an outside source recommending people come here to find out if they were Jewish?

Quoting a imperial online-dating zygote...

Did you get any email in the same lines? I have no Jewish relations but I wonder if before the name was changed. Be careful what you wish for.

Yep, in the rare occasion Bexar County might be relevant to a conversation in English, you pronounce the x. Think Becks-are or maybe Becks and some sort of schwa-r combination. In Spanish, I was thinking of the fact that Bear would be something like Be-yar while Bejar would be something like Be-har again, apologies for trying to describe sound without knowing IPA. And continuing the threadjacking, bear also Le petit robert des noms propres online dating oso.

Although, in all fairness I will point out that Texas is so damn big that I have noticed differenceds in the Spanish and the Mexicans since moving from one side of the state to the other not to mention that there are actually white people on this side of the state.

That might Le petit robert des noms propres online dating something. If the Jewish-name meltdown ever starts happening again, I recommend the following response: Simons, you are definitely Jewish. Rodriguez, scholars agree that all the Rodriguez descend from Jewish ancestors. MacConnell, your surname is unmistakeably Jewish. Start studying your Yiddish.

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Regarding the Jewish family Le petit robert des noms propres online dating thread, I knew a boy at school whose surname was Sacerdoti, derived, as our Latin teacher once explained, from sacerdospriest. I imagine that it must be the Italian version of Cohen. My theory is that it is a relic of the barbarian Khazars. My second theory, which is mine, is about the Finns. I will now proceed to tell you my theory about the Finns.

Le petit robert des noms propres online dating theory is that the Finns are Dravidians who were separated from the main group during their migration from Japan. That is my theory, which is mine, of the Finns.

A careful examination of the Phaistos Disk such as I have been pursuing for the last fifteen years will clearly show the puerility and sycophancy of your hypothesis, esteemed colleague. Randall, Wolfram, Le petit robert des noms propres online dating, etc.?

He has recevied much praise and a honorary doctorate he was the one who first discovered fossile DNAas well as Le petit robert des noms propres online dating letters from Finnish patriots. I just had to tell you, because when rummaging through my newspaper clippings earlier today, I found that one, dating from 10 July Reminds me of a post by J. And a tiny piece of my own. LH, that blog post title is asking for trouble.

It reminds me of a Gary Larson knockoff cartoon. One of the movies had the translated title of Perambulator against the Winds of Death. Thanks for the Bloggerfeller link, from which I discovered this great coin-and-commentary site. Thanks, guys, for not eating me up alive with the comments on Chinese. If I had only known you, Jimmy, I would have clung to your pants when writing the piece. Sorry for the booboos. It means the world to me. If you want to laugh a little, look for an article I just finished in the next issue Le petit robert des noms propres online dating of the Translation Journal http: Take care and thanks for your kind words!

This last one, however, will be Le petit robert des noms propres online dating Spanish. Waiting to hear what you think of these. That said, I would like to Le petit robert des noms propres online dating you, Veronica hoping you will read thisthat I am glad you accepted my criticism so kindly. As I said, I learned a lot from the other parts of the article s. I wish such respectful and constructive debate were more common in offline academic life.

You are setting a model that makes me more optimistic about the science that can be made. Thank you for that. Please, will someone help me.

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