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Should you keep your options open when dating turns

Dating one person at a...

I don't think you should tell him. He might get jealous, but it can have some pretty negative reactions. Such as, dating other girls to be even or being turned off all together.

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Date other guys for the reason you stated, you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket. If he asks you out for a night you have another date, just say "i'm sorry I have other plans. How about tomorrow, etc. He'll probably think on his own that you could be dating other guys but because you didn't throw it in his face he'll put in extra effort if he's interested.

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Bottom line, I wouldn't go on another date with a guy that openly told me he was dating other girls. So do what you want and get exclusive with him if he shows interest for a longer amount of time. I get turned off, but if I really like the girl I might stick around but that's just me.

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I think if you don't tell him you're keeping your options open by the third date then it might lead to trouble, but for now you don't have to throw it in his face. Just don't sleep with both of them, that's just not nice. Aside from that you might want to call him on Friday and see if he's still down with getting together or if something's come up.

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You don't owe him and explanation. As long as he is not your boyfriend you can do what ever you want! If he hasn't called you yet, just chill don't make dating any more stressful than it has to be. Don't play games with him though don't hide it but if he doesn't ask Should you keep your options open when Should you keep your options open when dating turns turns see no reason to tell.

You should just let him now your true feelings instead of getting caught up in something you don't want to be in. It was only one date, it's not like you guys are boyfriend and gf. Keeping my options open, I just began dating this great guy online Joe. He is everything that I have been looking for in a guy.

Dating one person at a...

He is smart, mature, kind, witty, and just a real gentleman. We went out on our first date last Friday and I thought that we really hit it off. We laughed a lot, held hands while walking down main streets and we talked a lot about our careers and family. I get butterflies just thinking of him. He called me the next night and said that he would like to go out again this weekend but will call me to confirm a day. But I still have not heard from him yet and tomorrow is Friday.

I also just got asked out by another guy Chris from school who seems to have a big crush on me and is a pretty sweet guy himself.

I took Chris up on a date this Saturday after he boldly asked me out after class. I really like Joe but I do not want to put all my eggs in one basket by committing my weekends Should you keep your options open when Should you keep your options open when dating turns turns him. Should I tell him that another guy asked me out on Saturday if he finally gets around to calling me? Or would that sound like I am playing games if I start telling him about other guys that asked me out?

Do guys feel competitive when another guy is brought up, even after a single date, or doe he deserve to know the truth that I am keeping my Should you keep your options open Should you keep your options open when dating turns dating turns open? Who has the highest Should you keep your options open when dating turns in dating? What attributes makes a girl a player? Would you date someone who was very interesting and attractive but didn't want a long term relationship, just a hookup or FWB?

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