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My wife flashing

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Post Your True Sex Story. Truth or Dare My wife flashing. Lust in the Bus. Curiosity got my boss. Caught my Wife flashing her pussy! I love my Wife, we met about 35 years ago and our sex life was great before we got married, every time we got together, we would fuck our brains out! We wer lucky to fuck 2 times a year!

My wife flashing we were dating she's wear short skirts and Bikinis and she had such a great boddy! But I still loved her, she just didn't fill like fucking. The shortest thing she would wear was her Denim Skirt and it was only about 2 My wife flashing above her beautiful knees!

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BUT one day, we went to Atlantic City, I never bothered asking her to take a Bikini with her, she hasn't worn one for years! I was playing My wife flashing wife flashing tables at the Casino and she said she'd be playing the slots! After a while I decided I'd try to see how she My wife flashing doing!

As I was walking around looking for her, I happened to notice this Guy checking this lady out! When I looked, here he was checking my wife's Beautiful legs out!!

I walked around to My wife flashing a better sshot and here she My wife flashing setting at the Corner machine, Drinking a Mixed Drink My wife flashing playing like she didn't see this young stud! Every so My wife flashing she'd bend over to show a little Cleavage and at the same time she's spread her legs to reveal a little panty shot! WOW either she didn't realize what she was doing, or she was getting turned on!

I walked awaay for a while and when I tried to find her again, she just came oyut of the bathroom and There was something different about her! She had taken off her Bra and her My wife flashing were sticking thru My wife flashing top!

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I've never seen her with that much leg shot for 35 years! I My wife flashing her and she went to the bar, she got a drink and was setting at a Tall table, facing this young stud!

Every so often she's spread her legs and show more panties off, atleast that is what I thought! We were My wife flashing to meet at My wife flashing room pretty soon, so I waited for her to leave, followed her My wife flashing got to our room 1 minute after she weent in! When I walked in, she was lying on the bed, Skirt cranked up and no panties, Her pussy was saoking wet and she asked me to fuck My wife flashing hard!

I asked her what got into her and she My wife flashing she was reading a Story and realized waht we were missing! My wife flashing didn't have no troubles sliding my now enlarged cock into her and she begged me to fuck her hard!

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She's never exploded like that! After we were donee, she My wife flashing me if She could suck my dick, which she never had before, I said sure and My wife flashing sucked it until I shot into her mouth! She said it tasted great!

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The next morning as we were walking the hoardwalk, she caught me looking at a Rather short Skirt, she said you My wife flashing and I said Yes, but you'd never wear that! Later after we ate she dissappeared and when I saw her, she had this real short skirt on!

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I avoided her seeing me seeing her in this new short skirt! BUT you could tell she had My wife flashing Thong undies on and she has never worn thong undies! Here she was checking out the guys and every chance, she would flash a Leg shot! I paid a Girl to put it on our bed, with a My wife flashing, saiying to enjoy it, that I enjoyed the show last My wife flashing and I bought you a Present that Resembles what I have for you! When we met back My wife flashing the Room, She alreaady had the short skirt off and put away!

She had a Bathrobe on and was lying there My wife flashing any panties on! My wife flashing asked her waaht she was up to and she told me she had a Surprise, that she bought something! My wife flashing asked mt to rub her with it and My wife flashing said are you sure, it's big!

She said I don't want it in! So I started rubbing her soaked pussy with it!! She spread her legs further then she ever did and said just put the tip in! I did, then she started to maon!!!! My wife flashing said does that hurt and she said NO it's feels great, then she pushed back against it and took in 3 inches, the 4 Inches! Thennext thing I know, she had all 10 inches in her and she was screaming "Fuck me"! She fucked that Vibrator like she never fucked me!

She raised up her beautiful ass and proceded to shoot a load of cum out her pussy and was shaking like she never did! I realaized she was getting off thinking that was that Young Guys cock from the night before! Since we've come home to SW pa. One time she even brought up a Question she asked me: I asked her "What do you mean Swap" I knew but I wanted to see what she said! I told her "I'd Think about it"! She told me it would only be 1 time and "You could pick out the Couple"! I don't know if My wife flashing is for the better or not!!!!!!

Anyone have any Comments. My wife flashing does have a lovely set of 36 C Tits and her natural blonde Pubes that she never shaves off!

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