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Validating mailboxes etc locations


Every time I see those or similar words when I fill out a registration form I start to cry a little. Maybe the biggest problem with validation of user data is that not a lot of people ask the question: Do Validating mailboxes etc locations want to validate an email address so you can send emails Validating mailboxes etc locations the person?

Do you want to check if somebody actually owns an specified email-address? All these questions cannot be answered by checking if an email address is syntactically correct. There are a lot for disposable Validating mailboxes etc locations address providers like mailinator etc where Validating mailboxes etc locations can receive such emails Validating mailboxes etc locations the only thing you will know it that you have a lot of people in your userbase where you will never receive your email.

Especially when you outsource mailings this can become costly as well. Spam filters are probably the most common one, but a lot of people use sub-addressing.

Sub-addressing is a specific way to use different mailboxes in one account. Validating mailboxes etc locations instance, i Validating mailboxes etc locations have an email address like this:.

Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) allows...

Both will be send to the jthijssen account, but in 2 different mailboxes or directories. Not only is incorrect and bad behaviour, but the only thing you Validating mailboxes etc locations loose Validating mailboxes etc locations potential customers. A lot of people, including yours truly will not hesitate to go to another site and buy products there. There are so many catches that are well defined, yet complex take a look at RFC,to name a few.

Or that "This is completely valid" example. Or even jthijssen this is joshua thijssen's private emailbox example not affiliated with example. Even if you are able to force users into your way of having an email address, you will still know nothing. Especially the larger user bases will have a very high rate of mickeymouse disney.

Not only will it agitate your customers, it will only trick you into thinking you have a very solid email list. Sorry to say this: You can never validate if the local part of an email address is available without sending authentication emails. You Validating mailboxes etc locations theoretically check if the domain-part exists is hotmail. Even checking the TLD is not Validating mailboxes etc locations. Mali has got the.

ML tld, while the Netherlands are using.

Need an alternative?

Very close on the keyboard and they look also very similar mysite. A better way is to let the visitor typing in the address twice. Registration onto your site should never be mandatory. When you let users register because they get extra benefits etclet them register without too much mandatory data.

When customers are interested they will provide you their correct email address anyway and you will KNOW that those customers are sincerely interested in your site of products. Validating mailboxes etc locations

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On e-commerce systems, if users want to buy products, there Validating mailboxes etc locations better ways of checking their credibility then an email Validating mailboxes etc locations. A lot of my friends only have an hotmail address, which is banned on some sites.

There are a lot of other and better sites for getting a free and disposable email address and by the time you have entered one into your filter, 10 more already are born.

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When you need to: This blogpost has been posted over two years ago. That is a long time in development-world!

MailboxValidator email validation clean email...

The story here may not be relevant, complete or secure. Code might not be complete or obsoleted, and even my current vision might have completely changed on the subject.

Do you want to validate...

So please do read further, but use it with caution.

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