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Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination


Editor April 26, This is the second in our series profiling those on the equality frontlinesboth here and around the world.

I recently had the chance to Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination with Florin Buhuceanu, a Romanian activist combatting religious extremism and social animosity in a country where, Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination his own description, anti-LGBT attitudes are common and accepted.

Florin is 42 years old and lives in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. It was my way of making the invisible visible, at a time in which homosexuality was illegal in Romania and LGBT people were completely silenced.

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Thousands of people faced police brutality and spent years in the prison system, even afterwhile Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination Orthodox Church campaigned for harsher penalties. As a student at the Faculty of Orthodox Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination I felt that I have to react against the public position of my church. Is Romania known for being anti-gay?

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Without doubt, we have the sad and constant distinction of being the most despised minority group in Romanian society. And please taken into account that we have been members of the European Union since However, the distance between legislation and what is going on in daily reality is huge.

Sadly, only a few politicians have the vision and courage to include LGBT issues on their agenda. It means that you can be influential if you take yourself and Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination people seriously enough to confront the Religious Right movement in Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination. Is progress being made?

I recently had the chance...

Sometimes you feel almost depressed realizing that the change is so small and that it takes years and years of hard work. On the other hand, we do what we can do. Americans sometimes Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination there is no other world outside our Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination. In many ways, it is understandable. Now is the right time to find ways to organize a smart counter-reaction to this impact of the Religious Right in Eastern Europe.

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Florin Buhuceanu Editor April Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination, By Mark McNease This is the second in Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination series profiling those on the equality frontlines Florin buhuceanu homosexual discrimination, both here and around the world.

How long have you been an activist, and what got you started?

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