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How often do married couples have oral


Does it have a negative connotation for you? It did for me, for many years and I know it does for other women like me, married Christian women, that is. It is holding back lukewarm married folks from becoming passionate lovers.

There are huge reasons oral sex should be celebrated rather than shamed. It is a gift you should be giving this holiday season and all year round. Your husband has dreams of conquest and adventure. His little boy ambitions of slaying dragons and saving the day are still How often do married couples have oral his heart.

You serve him in his most intimate place. You meet a deep and vulnerable desire. When you choose to learn exactly what he craves and serve him happily and enthusiastically, you make him feel manly, sexy, and powerful.

Our husbands love us through sex. I remember asking him how he was feeling about it. The sexual experience fills him in the areas of his heart that can be filled no other way. God designed sex to draw a couple together in unity like nothing else can. With a healthy diet of generous sex in a marriage, he feels emotionally satisfied. Men are visual creatures. When you are intimate How often do married couples have oral How often do How often do married couples have oral couples have oral hubby and give him lots of sensual views, you satisfy his need.

He feels more able to control thoughts and wandering eyes because he is satisfied by you. See 1 Corinthians 7: He warns that this deprivation can make these couples prone to temptation outside the marriage.

I encourage giving him a seductive dance, strip show, or wearing sexy lingerie to start things off. Your curves excite him in ways that do nothing for you. When I serve my husband in this way more regularly, the trash gets taken out, the dishes get How often do married couples have oral, and I do a lot less housework.

We can let this be our little secret. Unfortunately, this is not a guaranteed benefit. But I bet you would be surprised what your hubby suddenly feels motivated to do when you are giving generously in this important area.

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Remember the early days of your marriage, when sex was so frequent you were going at it like donkeys in spring? Those days can come again with a jolt of enthusiasm from you. Push through the possible discomfort you may feel, learn what you need to, forgive the past, get over your insecurities, and surprise him with an amazing oral experience. Though there are other areas of marital intimacy that we could focus on, I specifically focus on giving him oral because it provides a foundational understanding.

Once you How often do married couples have oral the principles of his mind, his body, and yours, your creativity is the only limit to what your sex life can become. A great sex life makes for a great marriage and a great life.

No need to pull out the credit card for this one!

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You can make any occasion very special for him by including oral sex. Consider waking him up with this savory treat.

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How often do married couples have oral take a shower together before a big event—after the suds are cleared, How often do married couples have oral down and give him a fresh thrill. Why not congratulate him on a promotion with a 4-course sensual, oral feast? This is also not How often do married couples have oral guaranteed benefit, but it certainly provides an opportunity for intimate generosity to be returned.

It is your delight to honor and serve him in this intimate way. That being said, when you model such behavior it can be a great example for him to follow. Yep the gross feeling of vulnerability are necessary in the oral and every other intimate experience with your husband. One How often do married couples have How often do married couples have oral stands and short-lived relationships can get away with half-hearted vulnerability in the bedroom. We all can pretend for a while.

Eventually though, our true colors shine through and should in a life-long relationship. Oral sex is an intimate experience that will expose you both to each other. Both of you grow in trust, knowledge, and honesty as you learn to give amazing oral.

How often do married couples have oral is a vital key to a unity that makes love last a lifetime. It also applies to the bedroom. When you fully engage and present your husband with a sensual feast, your own heart and capacity for love increases.

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He will be delighted by your generous advances. And you will feel more in love with him through it too.

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Consider how lucky you are to give him this amazingly satisfying gift. Skip to content Oral sex.

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