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Giving a boy head


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Accommodation Giving a boy head What's your perfect uni city? How to spot a nightmare flatmate What you need to know about halls. Living in halls How to choose your halls Six times you'll be glad you went ensuite What you need to know about private halls. Undergraduate Full time Part time. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. Do girls actually like giving head? Start new discussion Reply. Original post by minimarshmallow Some Giving a boy head, some don't.


Here's a thought, ask her! Allie4 Follow 7 Giving a boy head 15 badges Send a private message to Allie4. Follow 42 With the right guy, yes.

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Original post by GreekTea The girls who generally do like to give head are usually just trying to keep their man happy- It's not something that really gives us any pleasure, it's just nice knowing your guy is satisfied with you in general. Girls who don't like giving head usually don't care if the guy likes them or not, they just move on to the Giving a boy head guy if she feels she's been 'used' because these types of girls tend to always have an issue with something and are very difficult.

I've heard some girls are scared to do it in case they do it wrong -and don't know whether they have to already be hard or not for it to 'work' For the right price, I love it. Follow 46 Follow 47 Original post by Giving a boy head For the right price, I love it. I personally love giving head; I could spend hours. I much prefer it to Giving a boy head sex, and receiving oral.

Giving your man an amazing...

I really enjoy making him come undone, considering he's normally quite a stoic and stern person, and fortunately my partner has an Giving a boy head fixation, so he's quite content Giving a boy head Giving a Giving a boy head head back and watch.

I just can't stand the taste when he finishes. I swallow because I love him, but if I can avoid it I will. I think your partner's responses and willingness to return the favour makes a difference. If he refused to go down on me I might be put off doing it for him even if I don't care much for it myselfsame as if he refused to kiss me Giving a boy head if you think your junk tastes bad, don't make me go down there.

If he sat there and did or said nothing I Giving a boy head think I would bother either - where's the Giving a boy head in Giving a boy head Though frankly, it's worth doing it just for the head massages I get at the time. Devify Follow 26 followers 19 badges Send a private message to Devify.

Follow 50 Original post by Anonymous Hmm yeah good answer, that makes sense!

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As an older man who has had many Giving a boy head, I think that a very few women love it, many more do it because they enjoy controlling the giving of pleasure, and others really don't like to. I think also it depends on the person they are actively pleasuring - a loved partner will be more pleasing, even if they don't love giving it. I rarely love it, but on occasion I do. It is very fun to control the giving of pleasure, very empowering, and I doubt my partners mind it I honestly love it, one because seeing him so much under my command is quite rare when Giving a boy head have sex I'm Giving a boy head a sub and so it's a rush of power, and also because I actually love the sensations.

Could do it for hours, my boyfriend always wants to go straight to sex when I haven't had enough of Giving a boy head yet! Tootles Follow followers 20 badges Send a private message to Tootles.

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Follow 54 Original post by Anonymous What? Whats odd about Giving a boy head Follow 55 Follow 56 What I don't get are the people who refuse to drink lukewarm water yet are perfectly ok with putting someone else's grimy genitals in their mouth?? Follow 57 Follow 58 Original post by Anonymous yeah honey, most insecure women usually convince themselves that they 'enjoy' Giving a boy head. Athematica Follow 3 followers 18 badges Send a private message to Giving a boy head. Follow 59 Bex94 Follow 9 followers 11 badges Send a private message to Bex Follow 60 I'm quite submissive in the Giving a boy head so find going down on a partner to be a huge turn on, particularly the intimacy you get when you look into their eyes whilst doing it.

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