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Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz


Ampelodesmos mauritanica, Oryzopsis miliacea Y Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz glomerata M. Universitat de les Illes Balears. Conselleria de Agricultura, Medio Ambiente y Territorio.

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Cordel de Merinas En plantas infectadas por cepas M1, Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz concentraciones de ambos alcaloides fueron muy variables. Lolitrem B was detected in The samples with M3 endophytes had the highest content of Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz B up to 2.

The maximum production of peramine was detected in plants infected by M2 strains maximum of In plants infected with M1 strains, the concentrations of both alkaloids were widely variable. Regardless of the origin of the plants, the endophyte taxonomical group is a key factor for the production and Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz of the alkaloid analyzed.

En estudios anteriores Soto-Barajas et al. The American Naturalist, S4 A New Zealand grassland success story. Proceedings of the New Zealand Grassland Association, 63, Journal of Chromatography, 1 Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 44, Grass and Forage Science, 68 1 Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 16 4 SUMMARY The regional characterization of the patterns of vegetation and habitats distribution is a very important objective for land management.

In a region as Cantabria this management is tightly linked to livestock and pastures. Using an environmental stratification of Cantabria with seven types of contrasted environments, habitat and vegetation inventories and mapping was performed on xm quadrats distributed according to the strata and posterior randomization.

After estimating the cover of the 47 habitat types in all the area of the quadrats, a species indicator analysis was performed to establish the existing relations between habitats and environmental strata. We did not find any perfect habitats-strata indicators where specificity and fidelity both equalled one. However many relations of Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz types one habitat-one strata or one-combined showed high indicator values.

All the strata except one had at least one robust habitat indicator. On the other side, more than half of the habitats were more or less specialists, as they showed significant relations with some environmental types and not with others. Eds Pastos y PAC Plant Ecology, Ecological Monographs, 67, Folia Geobotanica, 32, Universidad de las Islas Baleares. Dactylis glomerata, Oryzopsis miliacea y Ampelodesmos mauritanica.

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SUMMARY In this study we evaluated the germination of three populations of three species of Mediterranean perennial grasses, with multiple applications and potential to be used Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz a source of biomass: Dactylis glomerata, Oryzopsis miliacea and Ampelodesmos mauritanica.

The final germination percentage did not vary among populations of A. In the three species at least one population had different germination speed. The seed size was not related to germination in all cases. It is concluded that there are differences in the germination dynamics of populations of these species, which indicates that it is Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz to consider their effect when selecting original populations to produce seeds for cultivation.

Las especies seleccionadas fueron Dactylis glomerata L. Las variables respuesta consideradas fueron: Para la especie A. En cuanto a O. Longitud mm Anchura mm Lon. Las poblaciones de D. Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz el caso de A. De las poblaciones de A. Estos resultados apoyan los obtenidos por Nelson et al. Sin embargo, en el caso de D. Global Change Biology Bioenergy3: Forest Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz, 8 2: Agronomy Journal, 69 4: The economical and environmental performance of miscanthus and switchgrass production and supply chains in a European setting.

Renewal and Sustainable Energy Review, American Journal of Botany. Beauv, constituye un grave problema ambiental. Beauv is a native grass experiencing a rapid expansion in western Pyrenees, which causes a severe loss of diversity of the original grassland community.

The areas affected remain temporally steady, without shrubland encroachment despite the low grazing activity. This work is part of a research aimed to detect the occurrence of feedback mechanisms explaining the expansion and stability of degraded covers.

We compare nutrient dynamics of individuals of B. In diverse grasslands, visited by livestock, aerial tissues of B. On the opposite, where B. Una vez establecida la especie, otros factores pueden promover su dominancia y estabilidad temporal. Las comunidades de pasto del comunal ocupan una superficie de 2. Acta Botanica Neerlandica, 37, Biodiversity and Conservation, 2 6 Journal of Applied Ecology, 38 2 Applied Vegetation Science, 17, Biological Conservation, 88, A Language and Environment for Statistical Computing.

Ecography, 21 4 Pastos 43 2 Floristic composition was analysed on the basis of the cover of the different species, also evaluating functional groups graminoids, legumes and other families. No significant difference between zones was found in the cover of the graminoids group, while Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz legumes and other families groups did show differences. Species richness in the graminoids and legumes groups showed no differences between zones, while the other families group did so.

Siguiendo a San Miguel et al. La zona 3 la componen principalmente prados de diente formados Reproduccion asexual Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz las plantas rizomas de regaliz pastoreo continuo, vallicares y prados de siega. Parentucelia viscosa Petrorhagia prolifera Plantago holosteum Plantago lanceolata Ranunculus bulbosum Ranunculus paludosus Romulea bulbocodium Rumex acetosella Rumex papillaris Saxifraga granulata Senecio vulgaris Sherardia arvensis Sisymbrium runcinatum Stellaria media Taraxacum sp.

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El grupo de otras familias ha sido abundante en los pastos de majadales, vallicares y enclaves Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz fresnedas, zonas que aprovecha el ganado principalmente Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz primavera y verano. Pero no se observaron relaciones entre la cobertura de especies de los pastos xeromesofiticos con la cobertura de los pastos de la zona 4, ni tampoco de la cobertura de especies de la zona 2 con la de la zona 3.

Eds Pastos y PACpp Este trabajo ratifica este proceso en los pastos situados por encima de los m s. SUMMARY In Europe, and during the last century, many high mountain grasslands have been abandoned due to the demographic gap produced in these zones and the related decrease of the herds in extensive grazing management.

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The disappearance of livestock from the pastoral ecosystems, produces a new reorganization of his species in the begins, and the vegetation diversity down and forage quality is minor. This work comes to ratify this process for upper timber grasslands in high mountains over m Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz. The floristic diversity and the forage quality by means of the Pastoral Value and the content in crude protein was compared in two zones of similar edapho-climatics conditions, one of which had been left was doing more than 10 years, with other one that still keeps on being used by the herds.

The results show a significant decrease in the specific richness and in the forage quality, as well as a different composition in the functional groups of the plants when the grassland is abandoned. However, the production Dry Matterby death biomass accumulation, and the vegetal coverage increases Reproduccion asexual de las plantas rizomas de regaliz abandoned site.

Los pastos de Festucion eskiae E4. Dos exclusiones fueron situadas a m s.

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Proceedings of the Koninklijke Akademie Van Wetenschappen. Series C, 90, Journal of Applied Ecology, 31, Oikos, 7, Journal for Nature Conservation, 22 3 Grassland Science in Europe, 9: Journal of Ecology, Journal of Applied Ecology, 35, Journal of Ecology, 69, Grup de Recerca en Remugants.

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