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Hookup a girl but she doesnt want a relationship


Login or Sign Up. Girl doesn't want relationship, but hooked up a few times? July 1st, Met a girl a few weeks ago. Hit it off pretty good, hung out a few times then she came down to my house for a few days.

On the second night we hooked up and she said she really liked me and things like that. Talked Hookup a girl but she doesnt want a relationship every day for the next week and went out on a date twice.

Then she came down again last week and spent the night here and was the same as normal. I brought up a relationship to her after she left and she claims she doesn't want a relationship right now and that if i don't want to be friends with her anymore she'd just have to suck it up and deal with that. Confused on what to do next? I still like Hookup a girl but she doesnt want a relationship a lot She wants you to be her fuck buddy, no strings attached.

Think you can handle just fucking her and then forgetting about her again until she decides it's time to be serviced again? But DON'T take her out on dates if she doesn't want a relationship.

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See her for sex ONLY. But this will ONLY work if you can guard your heart as phases is so fond of saying. If you feel that having sex automatically moves you into having feelings for her, then stop it all now.

Otherwise, you'll just end up hurt. Learn to type it. Well, if you really like her and want to have her try to make her a bit jealous.

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If she wants to Hookup a girl but she doesnt want a relationship up on Friday for example tell her you have plans tell her you go hiking or whatever you guys usually do together bu you would be available on Saturday. What I'm trying to say Have you ever played Hookup a girl but she doesnt want a relationship a cat? You probably noticed that as long as you move the toy and make her chase it she will be keep playing.

If you just put the toy in front of her she'll get bored really fast. Women are like cats and you are the toy. How old is she? Now it fucking sucks because I can't hate her for 'cheating' on me, and am struggling to get over her, whilst she has moved on. So my advice is: If you are the sort of person like me who hasn't really envisaged yourself having friends with benefits relationships, then take extra care to guard your heart.

Feb 26, Sometimes when a...

Don't lie to yourself and think you are cool with it. If you are cool with it then. Originally posted by Dexx77 View Post. The only consequence is what we do. You two are so off base IMO with this particular girl. There are women out there that just want a sexual relationship as much as there are men out there who just like variety and not wanting anything serious. I'm thinking if Hookup a girl but she doesnt want a relationship "games" her, she'll just chuckle at him. He doesn't even know who she is.

He's only known her a couple of weeks and she lives out of town. I think he'd be a Hookup a girl but she doesnt want a relationship to try any of that crap with her.

Why would he even want to? This is her show and she's running it. His choice Hookup a girl but she doesnt want a relationship he wants a fuck buddy or not on her terms.

Originally posted Hookup a girl but she doesnt want a relationship phasesofthemoon View Post. This I DO agree with. In my opinionated opinion. If they're not having you to thier home, then they're hiding something or they aren't that interested in the relationship progressing. In the first couple of months or so, I can understand it as there are some whack jobs in our world who you need to sus out whether they'd stalk your ass or something.

After that if they still don't invite, then there's something fishy in the dating pool. In your situ, she at least let you know where she lived, she just didn't Hookup a girl but she doesnt want a relationship you in for her own reason. Whether it was just an excuse or not????? July 2nd, Ok I get what you're saying, thanks. I'm on the fence, I'll choose to just stroke my ego and say it was just because her parents were strict and wouldn't approve of a 20 year old dating their teenage daughter.

It doesn't matter anyway, she was young and had no idea what she wanted, so there's no point trying to get into her head.

Still doesn't stop me trying though! Sorry for derailing the thread. Well, never mind my bullshit then. The moral of the story is, she has told you outright that she just wants a romp once and a while. Have fun but don't go getting and expectations and you'll be just fine. Privacy Policy Help Go to top.