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Why do i keep getting hookup website emails


Since Sid Kirchheimer wisely keeps his contact information from being easily researched smart man! I'm going to post here what I would have sent to him, because an extremely worrisome version of "spam" Why do i keep getting hookup website emails combining with "phishing" techniques to attempt to get personal information.

Simply having an email address...

The way it works Why do i keep getting hookup website emails When it finds one, it puts your e-mail address in and signs Why do i keep getting hookup website emails up. Typically, Why do i keep getting hookup website emails will sign you up for between and mailing lists. You'll know when you've become the target because you will suddenly get a flood of e-mails from all these e-lists.

More than half of those e-mails will be "confirm your subscription" mails; as this type of e-mail fraud has increased, more businesses are adding this "opt-in" step to prevent their messages from going to people who didn't really want them.

Ignore any e-mail asking you to confirm your signing up, because when no response is received, the sign-up is disregarded. Moving Why do i keep getting hookup website emails to the rest: Some business send e-mail promotions more often than others.

So you will not see "spam" from all of them right away, but you likely will within 10 days or so. Start with the obvious "welcome to our list" mails. As obvious as doing this would seem to be, do not click on the "unsubscribe" link. There is a good reason for this advice: Because you didn't initiate the sign-up, you are in the worst possible position to tell whether or not the webpage you are sent to is legitimate!

This is what the phishers are hoping for -- that you will click on every "unsubscribe" link you can find, and enter any information it wants -- because you just want to get rid of those e-mails.

"Can a person get messages...

You should never have to enter a "password" to unsubscribe from a legitimate business' mailing list. So they filter in some bogus e-mail messages, which get mixed in with all the real ones What should you do instead? Well, this is one case where Google is your best friend. Search for the business whose name appears in the Subject field. Try to avoid actually opening the e-mail, just in case it has a malware script embedded in it.

Now go directly to the business' website from the Google link, and look for a "contact us" link. Use that to send a message to the company, explaining you have been signed up for their e-mails without your consent by a spambot, and requesting removal. There will be a few businesses -- especially those who use third-party companies to manage their mailing lists -- who won't respond. Add those to the ones who don't have "contact" links at their websites, and then sit back for a week or two.

Remember, even with removal, you might still get Why do i keep getting hookup website emails e-mail or two over a day period because of pre-planned mailings. After that time has passed, start looking at the remaining e-mails.

Re-Google the names and note the real domain name for each company's link. Check the "unsubscribe" link in the e-mail to see that it starts not ends with the same domain name. If you don't know how to do that comparison, ask your eight-year-old grandchildren to help. Trust me, Why do i keep getting hookup website emails know how to tell real links from fake ones. If the names match, you are very likely safe using that link to unsubscribe. There is a silver lining to this cloud: Because you never got to a "phishing" site while dealing with this, now your e-mail address is seen as unresponsive and the evildoers will move on to exploit the ones that did reply.

While in your Gmail account check the emails when they come in to your inbox. Go to the upper three buttons on right. A list should show of actions to take. I pray it helps you. I'm late to this thread. Hopefully, you've followed Cat advice. Gmail has some pretty good spam blocking if you know how to turn these features on.

Unless you start marking incoming mails as spam, the software doesn't know anything. All email software has this ability, to varying degrees, to quite effectively filter out unwanted emails. You can block email adresses and domains I've been doing this since the mid's, and I know that of which I speak.

I work at a global Fortuneand we still get crap. Same goes with ransomware, malware, adware Here is an example image. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it. Since you use gmail, try this. Look at the list of emails in your Inbox. So you see the empty boxes to the left of the emails?

Put a checkmark in the Why do i keep getting hookup website emails by the offending emails; then look above the list of emails and click on the icon that looks like an exclamation mark. This marks the email as spam and sends it away. If you accidentally open an offending email, you can see that same exclamation icon at the top. Click on that and it will send it away. Others may have better suggestions, but this works for me. Actually, gmail now keeps my Inbox pretty clean and automatically sends most of these to the Spam folder.

AARP Live takes your questions tonight about veterans benefits and scams. Join us at 10 p. ET on the RFD network. How to stop unwanted trashy emails. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Message 1 of 7.

Websites and email are unrelated

Message 2 of 7. Message 3 of 7. Why is everyone a victim? Take personal responsibility for your life Message 4 of 7. How to stop raunchy emails? Don't have an enmail address. Message 5 of 7. Message 6 of 7. Message 7 of 7. Suddenly in my gmail I am getting raunchy e mails from various people.

I have not opened any or have I ever gone to any sight related Why do i keep getting hookup website emails this Why do i keep getting hookup Why do i keep getting hookup website emails emails. I'm an 87 years old woman and not technically savvy and no one else has access to my computer.

When I tried to follow directions to block or filter they fail. I have looked for a Google phone number to speak to someone to help me. I received 12 in the last few day. I send them to trash Why do i keep getting hookup website emails what can I do to stop this.

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