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Pentatonix members sexual orientation


My social media feeds have been inundated this past month with videos of Christian carols by the band Pentatonix. They did not strike me as portraying the image of the average evangelical Christian artist. While at least Pentatonix members sexual orientation member of the band publicly claims to be a Christian, two other members are openly gay.

All this at the same time as taking advantage of the evangelical Christian market which may be their top target in selling albums. Delight in Truth does not have a problem with Pentatonix and their rebellion against the moral code of Scripture, as much as with the Evangelical crowd which claims to be under the authority of Scripture and who loves Pentatonix. Dear Christians, if you find the Word of God Pentatonix members sexual orientation Pentatonix members sexual orientation and Pentatonix members sexual orientation, please stop buying, promoting, liking, posting, and applauding these Pentatonix videos.

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The false gospel of acceptance has made its way into the church via music and artistic expression, and now we are reaping the consequences. Scripture is being challenged and disregarded on the issue of sexual morality, and especially homosexuality. On the other hand it has to be this way. Pentatonix members sexual orientation we get closer to the Second Coming of Christ the warning given by apostle Peter stands true: We must stand true to Scripture.

We must stand with those who hold it as authoritative, and not with those who rebel against. Reblogged this on Christian Heritage News. Reblogged this Pentatonix members sexual orientation nightlightblogdotcom Pentatonix members sexual orientation commented: I recently discovered Pentatonix and have been inspired by their beautiful renditions of especially their Christmas music.

I could not care less if they are gay or straight, black Pentatonix members sexual orientation white, tall or short, etc. We are all made in the image of God and Pentatonix members sexual orientation has Pentatonix members sexual orientation this group a wonderful sacred gift.

Christ is all about love, not Pentatonix members sexual orientation and condemnation. I think you should read the Scriptures again. God is all about being judgmental and condemning those who break His Laws. Scripture clearly states that a man shall not lay with another man as he does a woman. Not sure how much more clear cut that can be. False prophets will lead you astray.

There arent any Scriptures that read, a man shall not be black, nor any that state a man shall not grow taller than six feet, or a man shall not Pentatonix members sexual orientation growing before he is six feet. Use your mind, with all the current Pentatonix members Pentatonix members sexual orientation orientation being waged against Judaeo-Christian Pentatonix members sexual orientation, why is this group being exalted by those waging the battles against Christianity?

May God bless you and guide you through the darkness. Read this and agree with everything you said. It cannot get more clear cut than what is said in Bible.

Also, Scripture says Sodom and Pentatonix members sexual orientation was burnt down for this very reason. They are mentioned as Pentatonix members sexual orientation result of people who already decided to leave the truth and revel in darkness- 2 Timothy 4: So the audiences of these false gospel preachers are not unsuspecting spiritual victims but the very cause of such people to come to fame.

Well TD I have 2 sons who are over 6 feet tall should I condemn them too. All of you people who feel the need to be bible pushers need to go back under the rock you came from and emerged into the real world the now. I just can not believe how detrimental people are they days….

They may love someone like themselves but they are not killing anyone stop being judgmental you will one day be judged yourself. Can you give me the exact place in the bible where it says these thing. Just wanting to make sure. What ever happened to the 10 commandments? Apparently they have dropped off the radar with Christians.

Look at who Pentatonix members sexual orientation vote for and support. Thou shalt not lie. Check all the Pentatonix members sexual orientation to that in scripture. Finally, thou shalt not bear false witness. Nothing is more apparent than that with the Christian community and even Pentatonix members sexual orientation post.

May god bless you, and guide you out of the terrible darkness you have fallen into. The fact of the matter is that every time God puts something different as a test to the community, Christians seem to get lost in their own self-rightiousness.


With the African Pentatonix members sexual orientation, religious zealots treated them no differently. A man should not leave his wife for another man, as that is an abomination.

Because he is, by nature a heterosexual who Pentatonix members sexual orientation made a commitment to his Pentatonix members sexual orientation. The nuances are all there.

Pentatonix members sexual orientation you may, in your desire to not look inward and take stock of your own life, turn your arrows to those you do not understand.

I know God personally. I Pentatonix members sexual orientation had a very clear sign. And I stand in pure faith as to who I am, without doubt. I have little doubt you are a faithful man, and love God. Try putting on the mind of Christ rather than thinking like a flawed man. What would Jesus do? As that, and you will know your Pentatonix members sexual orientation truth. Jesus, but the way, never said a word about homosexuality.

He embraced the sinful without condemnation. You have a remarkably talented and inspiring group that sang a beautiful tribute. And there is even a question about promoting the song? I feel a deep sadness in my heart for those who have written their words of judgement here. And they said, Nay; Pentatonix members sexual orientation we will abide in the Pentatonix members sexual orientation members sexual orientation all night.

And they said again, This one fellow came in to sojourn, and he will needs be a judge: And they pressed sore upon the man, even Lot, and came near to break the door. But he seemed as one that mocked unto his sons in law. Oh, let me escape thither, is it not Pentatonix members sexual orientation little one?

Therefore the name of the city was called Zoar. I truly think that the post is egotistical…. I happen to love the Pentatonix members sexual orientation in Hallelujah which has drawn me to listen to this group.

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I think Pentatonix members sexual orientation world is to too judgmental and God does not disgrace us if we care for someone Pentatonix members sexual orientation Pentatonix members sexual orientation not traditional.

I personally think the author of this article is jealous that they do not have the talent, the voice nor the fame the the group Pentatonix has. Stop hating on things that are not what we grew up with and except some things that happen now in this world if not then I feel sorry for you. You will never grow to ful potential you are stuck in a past that is Pentatonix members sexual orientation. This group is beautiful in every form of the word vocally and artistically keep doing what you do many of us here appreciate it even if others love in the Stone Age God loves you for who you are.

I am not worried about the scriptures.

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I think people that think like you make the world sad, make women afraid and make men feel awesome. Watched it happen with a family member and it made me feel like a cult.

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I know where I will be when I pass and it will in a kingdom with me. My Lord Jesus Christ. I am expressing my thoughts and feelings as all of you are and Pentatonix members sexual orientation is allowed. Thank you God bless. Pentatonix members sexual orientation, you claim you are not worried about the scriptures.

You claim we need to stop putting people down for what their choices are — so you have no problem with sin? Any true follower of Christ Pentatonix members sexual orientation speak out against sin and warn sinners to flee the wrath to come. God will punish all who blatantly sin against Him. I must ask, how much do you value the word of God? It is obvious your emotions are running a muck. You attack others here based on those emotions because you like Pentatonix.

Pentatonix members sexual orientation are actually more advantages than disadvantages. I love that our fans are so accepting of it. My career, as a queer person, has been pretty successful. I love the support. But, if they claim to be Christian and still practice this abomination, then those who belong to Christ must call them out and warn the elect of God.

Neither Pentatonix members sexual orientation nor Jesus themselves have condemned homosexuality. Our Lord has said himself that besides loving God above all things, loving our neighbors is the most important commandment. How can it be a sin if these people are genuinely happy and in love as much as any straight couple?

How Pentatonix members sexual orientation you tell me that this is an abomination?

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