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What is dating in india


It is not like Indians are not aware of dating and do not have the nous of what it is all about, but, for various reasons, dating and India are still at polar opposites to each other and far from coming close anytime soon. India has a colossal caste system, many a What is dating in india, numerous languages spoken in the country, and as many as 29 states dividing the nation, What is dating in india. Unlike western countries where What is dating in india is spoken by most, if not all, people, the 22 official languages spoken in India can alone be a major barrier that impedes two people What is dating in india getting along with each other.

And that is just one of the many differences Indians have. Therefore, no matter how strong the urge is, there are numerous aspects to consider when finding a match from a different background altogether, making the person think twice and often, forcing a change in mindset.

It is nearly impossible for all Indians to put themselves out there and What is dating in india have access to every potential partner, because of the diverse societies and cultures What is dating in india this vast nation with a population of 1.

As Indians, we also give massive respect to education and leading a disciplined life. Parents, at any cost, are steadfast in providing their children with education in the hope that it gets them better careers. Thus, once a child reaches three years of age, he or she gets admitted into a school to kick-start their educational lives, which, in most cases, last till the individual turns What is dating in india or While you are a school or What is dating in india student, there are a myriad of reasons why dating is simply not possible: Of course, education — with no disrespect, absolutely, to it — dictates why India is bereft of dating culture, as of yet.

It takes Indians too long, if What is dating in india all they do get independent at some stage, to support themselves and lead what you call a truly independent life.

This is one of the reasons why Indian men generally get married when they are 27 or above. Parents expect their sons to find a good, well-paying job that can help them develop in life and stand on their own feet.

In India, there is little scope for having such a scenario. What is dating in india men are encouraged to be independent, it takes them time to reach a stage where they can fulfill What is dating in india the responsibilities that come with a romantic relationships. When blessed with a boy or girl child, the father, almost all the time, is the provider for the family and continues to be for as long as his son or What is dating in india starts earning and subsequently takes the baton from him.

The biggest flaw in the...

Apart from the money and independence sides of things, Indians also lay great emphasis on family life and emotionally are closely bonded with people who have raised them and they have known since childhood. It is not easy, therefore, to free yourself from all the emotional bonds and values in an instant.

Since sons and daughters from Indian homes rarely prioritize themselves before their families, they also seldom look for partners themselves. It is up to the individual to decide what are his or her priorities, but because Indians are so family-oriented, they do tend to put their families above everything else.

Predominantly in our culture, parents take pride in finding a match for their son or daughter and have been more than happy to do so for ages now. When you have been afforded that luxury by your parents, there is little necessity What is dating in india go out and search for a partner on your own, contending with the aspects such What is dating in india fear of rejection, coming off as desperate and finding yourself mentally out of place.

In some ways, we are forced to get married at one point in time, rather than us actually wanting to get married and starting a fresh chapter in our lives. Dating, therefore, does not even have a place in most of our heads, let alone it being a priority. It is convenient for Indian What is dating in india to let their parents find a spouse for them instead What is dating in india putting themselves out there and facing rejection.

Since Indian kids are hardly ever left What is dating in india, finding a partner is the last thing they think of until the day comes when they are pressurized to tie the knot.

Although India has experienced changes...

Us Indians leading structured and well-planned lives is one of the major reasons why we have tended to What is dating in india have a dating culture, of note, thus far. Also, because our parents and grandparents have brought us up with the notion that everything, apart from education, can take a backseat for a while, it takes us a while to figure out ourselves first.

And more often than not, we tend to realize our personalities and what it is that we need, at a really later stage in life. Updated on 24 Nov, at 6: Read on as we try to dissect why and how India does not have a What is dating in india culture. India has a diverse society India has a What is dating in india caste system, many a religion, numerous languages spoken in the country, and as many as 29 states dividing the nation, too.

1. India has a diverse...

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