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When did rigby and eileen start dating


Regular Show Comic Discussion. Looking back to Dumped At The Altar When did Rigby and Eileen actually start dating?

Was it Real Date?

Eileen is the love interest...

Was it Eileen Flat Screen? I've been dying When did rigby and eileen start dating know for a while now. It slowly When did rigby and eileen start dating long before Rigby burst out with it. The viewer reaction was pretty much "Wait was that a secret?

Like Karim said, there wasn't a clear cut point, though of course there was the episode where Rigby pretty much announced it. I think it did while Mordecai was dating Margaret, there is no point in the whole show where they did start dating. I'm assuming somewhere around Real Date at the latest because they were way too close and sweet in that ending to not have been dating or about to say it to each other. I think you are right.

Rigby revealed in the Season...

In Play Date S5E30 Rigby was over at Eileen's to watch a movieand I don't know if they When did rigby and eileen start dating be said to be "dating" yet, but I thinks its pretty obvious that by the end of Real Date S5E40 the When did rigby and eileen start dating they were giving each other confirmed they were.

If I recall correctly they were dropping hints all through season 6 that they were together so it probably happened after Mordecai and CJ had their first date.

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