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Matchmaking ring war


Become the lord and master of a real medieval castle! Accept new subjects, assign them to their duties, train and protect your men and women! Defy your rivals and laws of physics as you build and upgrade your Matchmaking ring war ring war Clan recruitment Matchmaking ring war are forbidden as of now All other threads regarding this matter will be deleted from now on.

Clan war matchmaking self.

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Im in a clan with 17k trophies and 6. This system seems totally broken to me. Clan war points are calculated from last 30 see another post if it is the right number and has nothing to do with whom you Matchmaking ring war matched.

It just show that you won many clan wars recently or not. Matchmaking is based on total squad power, with proportionality with idk what.

It should have to do with matchmaking, clans with high ranking will continuously gain more points when ties Matchmaking ring war, and the ones with low ranking will continuously lose ranking points and glory. Not to mention that ties seem often enough.

I am not familiar with clans and fame. I am familiar with the situation of being last in the list Matchmaking ring war up during preparation. It can last one session, and Matchmaking ring war can be the difference of a better chest, on our food expense.

It is kind of late for them to fix this ranking nightmare, for some clans went too far up and is harder to catch up or to ever catch up, is better to give up like many clans did already. And here we come with a Matchmaking ring war pool of players that determines bad matchmaking for all. Choose a better clan. There are 3 possibilities. Your guys are overleveled. For example 1m power Matchmaking ring war a Matchmaking ring war fighter, k power with full of Or you have not a good leader which can elaborate good strategy to win.

For example he doesn't choose the right spots or fighters order are not well Matchmaking ring war.

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You can also choose to ban the highest players to Matchmaking ring war less stronger clans, but I advise to only ban Matchmaking ring war overleveled ones. The matchmaking can not easily find someone lower than us in a month time. I think the matchmaking is made accordingly to trophy points and clan war points but it also takes into account your most lvl player.

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As soon as he left the clan the wars are much more fair and balanced and our enemies aren't that strong. Matchmaking ring war if i didn't exlain very well.

With our ranking points we are in topregional, already, this thing should ring a Matchmaking ring war. Those with low ranking will be permanently denied better placing, Matchmaking ring war the glory that comes with that, from now on, it actually started a month ago. New clans will have to spend food for the ranked higher clans to get their chests. It can be demoralizing and make people not participate in a war like they did before, or just bail.

The only way to get better placements in clan wars is Matchmaking ring war improve the players that belong to the clan or recruit better players. Matchmaking ring war matchmaking will always be unfair to low lvl clans I happen to be in the best national clan we in Matchmaking ring war clan wars there's always 1 or 2 Matchmaking ring war that are significantly weaker and are tons of trophies or clan war points below. Progressively less points is wider range every day, because clans vanished, or will.

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Clan wars update caters for a small group of people, and this one becomes smaller everyday. Counting the days until I reach top 10 without playing any wars, in regional, with around ranking points. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Matchmaking ring war in or sign Matchmaking ring war in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. HustleCastle subscribe unsubscribe 4, readers users here now Become Matchmaking ring war lord and master of a real medieval castle!

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HustleCastle submitted 4 months ago by Bellaredz. Hi all guys, can someone help me explaining how the clan war matchmaking works? Want Matchmaking ring war ring war add to the discussion? If a clan full of lvl25 castle always win, Matchmaking Matchmaking ring war war can't meet hell's knight clan. That would be funny ahah. But yeah, i understand your point of view.

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