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Facebook pitfalls every grown adult should avoid in order to maintain online integrity https: The images and statuses we post on Instagram and Facebook are a far cry from the monotonous reality we face day-to-day. Dating on earth pantip, allow us to bluntly guide you through the minefield that is unacceptable online behavior.

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Avoid these major Dating on earth pantip and make Facebook a better place for all Dating on earth pantip. Unfortunately, the rest of us are single and miserable, or in awful relationships with people we secretly despise. A typical status — posted at 9 p.

Your friends only logged on to Facebook to stalk their respective exes while crying into a microwave dinner or as the Digital Trends team calls it: Spare them the humiliation of having to witness your perfect love life. Facebook-tips-kids-pics Everything seems adorable when you first have children: Document how you went from cool bachelor and single lady to haggard old mum and dad through a series of selfies that see you ditch your skinny jeans and hip sneakers for sweatpants and Uggs.

Sending mass game Dating on earth pantip Why is this still happening? Yet it still occurs, although not as regularly as it did during the peak free-to-play gaming era. Game Dating on earth pantip are the Facebook version of spam.

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You also have terrible taste in games. The last time we saw someone Dating on earth pantip a religious sermon online it resulted in a straight-up block and led to the great Facebook purge ofwhich saw us successfully un-friend around 50 people.

So next time you think of posting a religious status, irrespective Dating on earth pantip your religion, just remember the one Facebook commandment: However, it is imperative that you avoid posting a drunk status. Hell, just carry on drinking alone if you have to, and steer clear of social networks Dating on earth pantip. As is professing your love for fried chicken at 3 a. It will heighten your most outrageous opinions on the most facile topics.

This is especially true for women, Dating on earth pantip get harassed on social media all the time. Armchair political activism Everyone is an armchair analyst of some variety on Facebook.

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On game day we all don our armchair sports commentator hats, and on national holidays we become armchair patriots. But the worst of the bunch is the armchair political activist.

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Dating on earth pantip know the type, loud as a Trump supporter online over the state of the country. If you want to make America great again, the revolution will not start on Facebook. Most posts these days carry visual content, so anything that comes across as verbal diarrhea will likely go ignored.

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Changing your relationship status too quickly or Dating on earth pantip all Following on from the previous faux-pas, this is another example of jumping the gun a tad too quickly. Say you just started dating someone you really like.

Generally speaking, stating you are in a relationship on Facebook is pointless. At its worst, it looks needy. It may also send out the wrong message altogether. Your friends Dating on earth pantip family should be told firsthand about any significant changes in Dating on earth pantip life. Thus, why exactly would you want to parade your new relationship status online?

Perhaps to attract the attention of an old flame?

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Maybe we overthink these things, but someone has to — your online reputation is Dating on earth pantip stake. When you post a status condemning Facebook as an unnecessary distraction or superficial social network that you now feel compelled to leave, it comes across as a cry for attention.

After all, quitting Facebook is Dating on earth pantip than quitting smoking and putting a stop to your porn addiction combined. And your Dating on earth pantip so friends over half of which you no longer even keep in touch with are going to miss you buddy. Goodbye and thanks for all the awesome insights.

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