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Add math form 5 notes on dating


Revision at your fingertips -- we've come a long way from relying just on big heavy textbooks.

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Now all you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone; and an Internet connection, of course. Find out how you can still do revision on the go.

SPM is just two weeks away…. The good news is that you no longer need to lug a sack of books with you everywhere you go for the next month. If you need quick access to revision notes, practice questions or even a Add math form 5 notes on dating lesson, try out these websites that can help you in your SPM revision.

SlideShare is a great way to review what you know. Presented in slides, this information are short, concise and sometimes includes attractive mind maps.

Besides notes, you can also get tips on how to answer questions and practice questions. Instead, you can get the mobile app on Google Play and the App Store. There are notes, mind maps, quizzes and video tutorials.

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You can track your progress, and best of all, you can revise several topics in a single app. You can key in your question and ask them here.

You can check out the meaning and usage of a word right Add math form 5 notes on dating. If you learn best by having a teacher explain a concept to you then you could try iTTV. Although iTTV requires a subscription in order for you to enjoy its full benefits, you can still access many useful videos on YouTube.

Here are some websites that provide resources like notes and past year papers for a range Add math form 5 notes on dating subjects: These websites offer revision notes and tips on answering questions for a specific subject: We hope that these websites will help give your revision a boost.

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Bored staring at the same paragraph in your textbook? With only one week to go, find Add math form 5 notes on dating how you should change your study strategy and ace your SPM exam. Are you more forgetful than usual? Do you panic every time someone discusses an exam question? Do you panic or does your mind sometimes go blank during exams? Do you make careless mistakes because you have exam anxiety? Well, you are not alone, so don't fret. Here are great ways to help you overcome your exam anxiety.

The SPM examination which starts on Monday, 6 November and ends on Monday, 4 December will be held at 3, centres across the country.

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