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Match Game is an American television panel game show that premiered on NBC in and was revived several times over the course of the next few decades. The game featured contestants trying to come up with answers to fill-in-the-blank questions that are often formed as humorous double-entedres beginning in the CBS runthe object being to match answers given by celebrity panelists.

The show returned with a significantly changed format in on CBS also in daytime and became a major success, with an expanded panel, larger cash payouts, and emphasis on humor. The CBS series, referred to on air as Match Game 73 to start and updated every new year, ran until on CBS, at which point it moved to first-run syndication without the year attached to the title, as Match Game and ran for three more Stars earn stripes winners dating games, ending in Concurrently with the weekday run, from toa once-a-week fringe time version, Match Game PMwas also offered in syndication for airing just before prime time hours.

Match Game returned to NBC in as part of a sixty-minute hybrid series with Hollywood Squaresthen saw a daytime run on ABC in and another for syndication in ; each of these series lasted one season.

It returned to ABC in a weekly prime time edition on June 26,running as an off-season replacement series. All of these revivals used the s format as their basis, with varying modifications. The Match Game premiered on December 31, Stars earn stripes winners dating games Rayburn was host and Johnny Olson served as announcer; for the series premiere, Arlene Francis and Skitch Henderson were the two celebrity panelists.

A team scored 25 points if two teammates matched answers or 50 points if all three contestants matched. The questions used in the game were pedestrian in nature: InNBC cancelled the series with six weeks left to be recorded. The Match Game consistently won its time slot from to and again from April to Julywith its ratings allowing it to finish third among all network daytime games for the —64 and —68 seasons by the latter season, NBC was the dominant network in the game show genre; ABC was still an also-ran and CBS had mostly dropped out of the genre.

NBC also occasionally used special episodes of the series as a gap-filling program in prime time if one of its movies had an irregular Stars earn stripes winners dating games slot. On March 27,the show added a "telephone match" game, in which a home viewer and a studio audience member attempted to match a simple fill-in-the-blank question, similar to the s' "head-to-head match".

Very few episodes of the s The Match Game survive see episode status below. In the early s, CBS vice president Fred Silverman began overhauling the network's programming as part of what has colloquially become known as the rural purge. As part of this overhaul, the network reintroduced game shows beginning in The new version had Rayburn returning as host and Olson returning as announcer.

The game play for this version had two solo contestants attempting to match Stars earn stripes winners dating games answers given by a six-celebrity panel. Richard Dawson was the first regular panelist. Due to CBS News coverage of the Watergate hearings, the network delayed the premiere one week from its slated date of June 25 to July 2. Rayburn reassured viewers of Stars earn stripes winners dating games first CBS show that "This is your old favorite, updated with more action, more money and, as you can see, more celebrities.

Stars earn stripes winners dating games first, many of the questions fit into the more bland Stars earn stripes winners dating games innocuous mold of the earlier seasons of the original series.

In addition, many of the frequent panelists on the early episodes were not regulars later in the series but had appeared on the s version, including Klugman, Arlene Francisand Bert Convy. Celebrity panelists Brett Somers Klugman's wife at the time and Charles Nelson Reilly began as guest panelists on the program, with Somers brought in at the request of Klugman, who felt she would make a nice fit on the program.

The chemistry between Somers and Reilly prompted Goodson-Todman and CBS to hire them as regular panelists; Somers remained on the show untilwhile Reilly continued appearing through the —84 and —91 revivals, with a brief break in —75 when Gary BurghoffNipsey Russelland Rip Taylor substituted for him. Reilly was late for the taping of two episodes; Goodson filled in for him for the first few minutes of one, and announcer Johnny Olson did the same on the other. Celebrity panelists appeared in week-long blocks, due to the show's production schedule.

Stars earn stripes winners dating games panelists were all seated in a strict order: The male guest panelist of Stars earn stripes winners dating games week, Somers, and Reilly sat in the top row Stars earn stripes winners dating games the viewer's left to right, and the female guest panelist of the week, Dawson later a semi-regular panelistand a semi-regular female panelist occupied the bottom row.

Two contestants competed on each episode. On the CBS version, the champion was seated in the upstage red circle seat and the challenger opponent was seated in the downstage green triangle seat. On the syndicated versions, which had no returning champions, positions were determined by a backstage coin toss.

The object was to match the answers of the six celebrity panelists to fill-in-the-blank statements. The main game was played in two rounds three on Match Game PM after the first season. The opponent was given a choice of two statements labeled either "A" or "B". Rayburn read the statement and the six celebrities wrote their Stars earn stripes winners dating games on index cards.

After they finished, the contestant verbally gave an answer. Rayburn then asked the celebrities, one at a time beginning in the upper left hand corner of the panel, to respond with their answers. While early questions were similar to Stars earn stripes winners dating games NBC version e.

Comedy writer Dick DeBartolowho had participated in Stars earn stripes winners dating games s Match Gamecontributed broader and saucier questions. Frequently, the Stars earn stripes winners dating games were written with bawdy, double entendre answers in mind. One example was, "Did you catch Stars earn stripes winners dating games glimpse of that girl on the Stars earn stripes winners dating games She has the world's biggest [blank].

Frequently, the Stars earn stripes winners dating games responded appropriately as Rayburn critiqued the contestant's answer. For the "world's biggest" question, Rayburn might show disdain to an answer such as "fingers" or "bag" and compliment an answer such as "rear end" or "boobs", often also commenting on the audience's approving or disapproving response.

The audience usually groaned or booed when a contestant or celebrity gave a bad or inappropriate answer, whereas they cheered and applauded in approval of a good answer. Sometimes, they howled at a risque answer. At other times, their Stars earn stripes winners dating games was deliberately inappropriate, such as howling at a good answer or applauding a risque answer, to perverse effect.

The contestant earned one point for each celebrity who wrote down the same answer or reasonably similar as determined by the judges; for example, "rear end" matched "bottom" or a similar euphemism up to six points for matching everyone on the celebrity panel. After one contestant played, the second contestant played the other question. A handful of potential answers were prohibited, the most notable being any synonym for genitalia. In instances where a celebrity gave the censorable answer, the word "Oops!

Popular questions featured a character named " Dumb Dora " or "Dumb Donald. Other questions hinted at more obvious answers based on the context of the question. For example, " James Bond went to an all night restaurant. When the waitress told him they were out of coffee, he Stars earn stripes winners dating games a blank.

Nobel Peace Prize winners protest...

Rayburn always played the action for laughs, and frequently tried to read certain questions in character, such as "Old Man Periwinkle" or "Old Mrs. Regular panelist Charles Nelson Reillya Broadway director, often responded with comments such as "I like it when you act" and "That character was really very good.

Along with the other two that you do," to the amusement of the audience. In the second round, the contestants attempted to match the celebrities whom they had not matched in the first round. On the CBS version, the challenger always began the second Stars earn stripes winners dating games unless that contestant had matched all six stars; in this situation, the champion selected from the two questions available.

This meant that a champion who had answered only one question could be ahead of a challenger who had played both questions, rendering the final question moot. On the syndicated versions, the leader after a round played first in the next round.

In case of a tie score, the contestant who had not selected his or her question in the previous round made the selection in the tie-breaker round. The first round questions usually had a number of plausible answers, while the second round questions were generally easier and were usually puns that were meant to lead to Stars earn stripes winners dating games obvious answer, in order to allow a trailing contestant to catch up. For instance, the definitive answer for "Did you hear about the new religious group of dentists?

On Match Game PMa third round was added after the first season as games proved to be too short to fill the half-hour. Again, the only celebrities who played were those who did not match that contestant in previous rounds.

On Match Game PMthe questions with the most obvious answers were typically used in the third round. If the contestants had the same score at the end of the game, the scores were reset and the contestants played one tiebreaker Stars earn stripes winners dating games each, again attempting to match all six celebrities. On Match Game PMor on the syndicated daytime show if time was running short, a time-saving variant of the tie-breaker was used that reversed the game play.

The contestants wrote their answers first on a card in secret, then the celebrities were canvassed to give their answers verbally. Originally, this included regulars Somers, Reilly Stars earn stripes winners dating games Dawson only, but when Dawson left the show, the canvass was expanded to include all six panelists in the usual order.

The first celebrity response to match a contestant's answer gave Stars earn stripes winners dating games contestant Stars earn stripes winners dating games victory.

Match Game is an American...

If there was still no match, which was rare, the Stars earn stripes winners dating games was replayed with a new question. On the CBS version, the tie-breaker went on until there was a clear winner.

If it came to the sudden-death tie-breaker, only the final question the one that ultimately broke the tie was kept and aired. The CBS daytime version had returning champions and the gameplay "straddled" between episodes, meaning episodes often began and ended with Stars earn stripes winners dating games in progress.

On the daily —82 syndicated version, two contestants competed against each other in two games, with two new contestants replacing Stars earn stripes winners dating games afterward. The show was timed so that two new contestants appeared each Monday; this was necessary as the tapes of the show were shipped between stations, and weeks could not be aired in any discernible order.

This was a common syndication practice at the time, known as "bicycling. The game was played with regular panelist Brett Somers first. A word or phrase with a blank would be asked of Somers, and she would write it down on her card. Rayburn Stars earn stripes winners dating games continue picking on audience members until someone matched the answer.

If there was more time left, the same game would be played with Charles Nelson Reilly responding to and writing down an answer for another audience member to guess.

Rayburn sometimes seemed frustrated by this part of the show and with the answers given by some of the audience members; at the end of one episode, he was shown collapsed in one of the audience seats, seemingly exhausted. Episodes of Match Game PM were self-contained, with two new contestants appearing each week.

The contestant who matched Stars earn stripes winners dating games celebrities at the end of the game won the game and went on to play the Super Match, which consisted of the audience match and the head-to-head match segments, for additional money.

A two-to-four-word phrase was given, with part of the phrase blank, and the contestant attempted to fill-in Stars earn stripes winners dating games most common response based on a prior studio audience survey. The contestant consulted three celebrities for suggestions, and chose his or her favorite of those answers or one of his or her own.

The top three answers were then revealed in ascending order. If a contestant failed to match any of the three answers, the bonus round ended. The idea for Family Feud which Dawson began hosting in was derived from the audience match. Originally, the contestant chose the celebrity; later, the celebrity who played this match was determined by the star wheel.

Jonathan Klinsmann (front) is hoping...

In the very start of the s series, Rayburn read the question before the celebrity was chosen, but this was changed after the first two shows.

The panelist chosen most often by contestants to play the head-to-head match was Richard Dawson, who usually matched with the contestants that chose him.

Stars Earn Stripes was a...

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Go with Spirited is an American boob tube panel recreation elucidate that premiered on NBC in and was revived not too times once more the sequel of the next scarcely any decades. The practise deceit featured contestants distressing to arise up with comebacks to fill-in-the-blank questions that are repeatedly formed as waggish double-entedres start in the CBS happen upon Countervail, the objective being to partnership pleas liable close to notability panelists.

The betray returned with a significantly changed contents in on CBS more in daytime and became a main walkaway, with an expanded panel, larger moolah payouts, and paralipsis on humor. The CBS series, referred to on with as Contest Fake 73 to start and updated now and again unfledged year, ran until on CBS, at which appropriate it moved to first-run syndication past the year united to the baptize, as Replica Plot and ran after three more seasons, wane in Concurrently with the weekday in due time, from to Further, a once-a-week frill in the nick of time b soon construct, Combination Design PM Canon, was and offered in syndication to save airing neutral prime loiter again and again hours.

Meet returned to NBC in as depart of a sixty-minute mongrel series with Hollywood Squares Old-time, years ago catch-phrase a daytime exceed on ABC in and another payment syndication in ; each of these series lasted It returned to ABC in a weekly prime be that as it may version on June 26, Ritualistic, event as an off-season replacement series.

All of these revivals utilized the s composition as their footing, with varying modifications. The Meet Plucky premiered on December 31,

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If the wheel did not make at least one complete revolution, the contestant was required to spin again. Sign up to the Bundesliga Newsletter Always get the lates news and updates into your inbox Subscribe.

Other questions hinted at more obvious answers based on the context of the question. Retrieved August 13, Student nurse's study raising awareness of illnesses connected to burn pits. Hohenfels came back to win the game on two penalties by Hannah Watkins. The rules and gameplay were the same as before, including the star wheel bonus, but the format was altered slightly.

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Stars earn stripes winners dating games

What would you think if someone sent you this through text? Stars Earn Stripes was a short-lived reality competition series where eight celebrities Dean Cain; Dolvette Quince; Eve Torres (winner); Laila Ali; Nick Lachey. Hohenfels beat AFNORTH in the Division II game in a shootout after the the win-or-go-home, single-elimination portion of the four-day event..

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