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Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating


Doctor Who - Episodic Photos - Kerblam! Saturday, 10 November Mile 22 Blu-ray Giveaway Monday, 05 November By Jamie Ruby Tonight Syfy will air episode 1. On April 9th, Syfy will air the season finale of Lost Girl.

Season two will continue the following week. This way US viewers will be caught up with the show fairly soon. Last week Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, and Kris Holden-Ried talked to reporters about the season finale and some of what fans can expect as the show progresses.

This question is from Rick Howland plays Trick on Lost Girl and he wants to know, since you love acting with him, what's your favorite moment Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating with Trick? I think my favorite moment just happened, the fact that he That is a pretty favorite moment, yeah, definitely.

Yeah, sure, yeah, I mean working with Rick who plays Trick is, he's such a Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating actor and he's such a calming presence on set. And he's - when I do scenes with him as Bo, Bo and Trick have such a Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating bond and there's this trust that she has in him, so - and Rick, Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating embodied all of that.

He's got so much presence and I can't really think of one specific moment but he's Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating a really - he's just a great guy to work with. Yeah and he's an incredibly gifted actor, every time I do a scene with him I always have to stop and be like seriously, like you're amazing, like how are you doing this? And he's a wonderful man and a wonderful friend and we really are so lucky to have him and his sense of humor is out of this world.

So we all enjoy him very much and he's a very, very special person, I love him very much. Then I just wanted to ask, can you two talk yet about the scene, you keep saying cracks you up that you weren't able to talk about before? I don't know yet.

Relationships. Ksenia Solo has been...

I think it's from episode - Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating I'm so lost, let me try and remember, it's from episode I Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating it's from episode Is it fatal - yes, "Fatal Justice," it was Episode 11, has Episode 11 aired yet?

Okay so we can't talk about it yet. But soon I promise. Hey guys, this is Kris, I just joined the call, sorry I was late, I thought you guys were calling me, my bad. How do you think the show has changed since it started and why do you think it's been so successful?

I don't know, you tell us. Ksenia do you want to go first? We're so polite to each other, we always Well I think that Season One we were really finding our footing, we were discovering who we are as our characters.

We were really discovering who we are as a show, what our voice really is and I think we all knew that we got involved with something very unique and of course we didn't know what the fans' response was going to be. And the fact that Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating been what it is has been incredibly humbling and incredibly exciting for us all at the same time.

And I think Season Two we really came back with more oomph if I can say it that way. Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating really had time to explore in Season One and Season Two we came back ready to kick ass and getting a Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating to meet our fans at Comegon and Fan Expo and all these different events.

It's been really amazing Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating what I thought was the most kind of exciting was Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating I saw other girls dressed up as Kenzi for me that was like a sign of like wow, people really enjoy these characters and they really love the show.

And just we couldn't be happier. Yeah, and I think the show, I mean it's from the first episode there was so much room for growth and the show could only sort of grow and develop from there, playing Bo this whole world was brand new to her.

Who is Ksenia Solo dating...

And so it was brand new to the audience as well so we had so many places to go and so much to explore and that's what we've done. I know Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating first season is still airing here in the US. And it's gotten a great response and the show continues to grow like Ksenia said, first season really laid a good foundation for the second season.

Ksenia Solo and Kris Holden-Ried...

And we really sort of took off from there and took it in new directions which I can't wait for everyone to see. And the fan response has been incredible. It's - people have - I know I said this before but Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating have really taken ownership of the show and really invest in the lives of these characters.

And in our lives as a result so it's really cool.

Dated on and off for...

The dynamic between the cast, has that changed at all as the first season went on and you're heading into the second - well I guess you're in the second season now. Anna you answer this one the Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating so Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating ahead. I'm always like taking quotes from what you say, I'm Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating like well as Anna puts it.

You mentioned like how we came back and we really felt each other's rhythms, like a real family did. Like I can remember that first few episodes back we all - the whole cast was in a scene together and everything Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating felt like a family, like everyone sort of naturally knew when to come in and obviously it's written out on a piece of paper for us as well.

But we naturally sort of have each other's rhythm and energy as actors but also as these characters. So I mean again because the show starts with everyone meeting for the first time the relationships have naturally evolved. And changed and as actors on set we've just sort of bonded as the episodes went on, so it's been really great. I mean personally I hated everybody but. Yeah, Ksenia hates everyone, but. Thank you very much for your time today.

Can you tell us are there any particular guest Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating that you've had on that you really want to have back? At this point, yeah. Gosh, I don't know. There was that guy, the guy in our pilot which turned out to be Episode 8 who played the Something, he was Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating. You're asking us to remember something from over two and a half years ago.

Yeah, sorry about that. Yeah, I vote vampire guy, he Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating amazing and Unfortunately he was also killed.

Yeah, we've had such amazing guest stars on the show, I mean - and actors are just so excited to come on the show because the guests are all - tend to be pretty colorful and fun. So Inga certainly makes an impact, I know that's the next episode to air in rest, she definitely made an impact on the show. And it would be great to have her back, and I don't know, I mean there's a lot of great people that come in Season Two as well that you have not yet seen, and I don't know, that's a tough one.

Put it this way, we've never Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating a bad guest star that we wouldn't work with again. Yeah, great answer Kris. Can you tell us what each of you likes best about working in sci-fi and if Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating had any downsides to it?

Dated on and off for...

Who Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating to go first? I love working in sci fi and fantasy genre because it allows us to have so many different creative story lines and characters that we can explore.

Kris Holden-Ried dating history, ,...

I mean having super powers or being able to be really old, these are things that as an artist, don't get to often explore or learn to express. It's a lot of fun, it's very imaginative and it's a great playing field to work with. So yeah, I'd do it all the time. The only downside is I don't know, I don't really get one but the girls I guess have to wear a lot of tight uncomfortable fitting corsets and stuff.

I think the only downside is when you have like crazy intense emotional scenes but you're acting against a green screen, or like a tennis ball. Like that's always an interesting experience. And you always feel a little bit stupid I have to admit but the challenge is just making it as real as possible.

But I completely agree with Kris that you get to kind of go outside of reality and it's always a lot of fun. You get to go wild. Yeah, I mean you get to really - you get to just play. And we take it seriously but we don't necessarily take the world that seriously because it's crazy Fae world, so we get to laugh at it a lot too.

And have fun with it, but Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating and the downside, I don't know, I mean I guess along the lines of what Ksenia said I've had to like sword fight something that's not there. And it's a little weird but you just have to trust that you - Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating it's going to look good in the end, and it usually does.

You [are ready for your] third season, is it tough doing [press] for Season One? Returning and starting all over again for a new audience, is it tough doing press for that?

Yeah, I think so, I mean these are things that we've done quite a while ago and the show has really continued to grow from there. So as actors and as the characters we're sort of in a different place than where we started, so I've Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating had to kind of review some of the Season One episodes in order to be able to do press because it was quite a Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating ago.

So it's challenging for sure, but it's really exciting to bring it to a new audience and it's really cool to see this - a whole new response to people that are experiencing it for the first time. So it's challenging I would say a little bit. Can you talk a little bit about next week's episode? Is it ten, Episode 10 that they're showing next week? Yes, it's Episode 10 that they're showing next week, it's the one where Inga's character is introduced, yeah. Well yes, I mean I can - it's definitely from Bo's perspective it's an episode where Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating a new character introduced that is going to have an impact on her Kris holden-ried and ksenia solo dating. And it certainly has an impact on her life in that episode, I don't want to give away too much but she meets someone who has something very much in common with her which is a first for Bo.

So it's something that is gong to change her a little bit. And I believe Bo and Kenzi get to do a little speed dating which is always a fun time. And Kenzi discovers something about Trick.

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