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Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating


I am curious as to where the warning Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating from, since I understand DLP technology is simply the reflection of colored light from nearly a million tiny mirrors. No phosphors on the screen to burn in. Anonymous Posted on Monday, June 02, - One setting I can't find Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating overscan. When viewing 4x3 signals such as DirecTV and viewing it in "normal" mode, it apears that their is slight zoom on the picture Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating information from the top and bottom to be cut off, Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating a severe overscan.

Or possibly, is Sony simply displaying only of the lines, cutting out loosing a substantial 57 lines? If the second, that could be why the top and bottom information is missing when viewing in 4: Just tried the adjustments in the tweaks under MID1 and MID2 to adjust the Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating size in order to fix the overscan issue.

I was told that if you run an s-video cable in addition to the component cables, you can switch to the s-video input for regular 4: Is that not true? I'm still wondering if anyone has good tweaks for the best possible picture.

Is anyone familiar with Sony's...

Anonymous Posted on Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating, June 03, - Did you save those settings? If not you can unplug your set and all the values not saved will be restored. My 50 works like a champ!

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Just Browsing I agree i did the same thing in the 4. Ok, went back with a fresh head and made the adjustments and not only did I fix my previous messup with screen size, but now my 4x3 direcTV inputs has been resized to show the whole image, also, resized the zoom window. Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating I have scalled the zoom level to fit 16x9 letterbox SD transmitions edge to edge.

Now I Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating my tivo controls in Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating too! Has anyone in this group used an ISF certified guy to do professional calibrations?

Cmdr Scotty Posted on Tuesday, June 03, - The blacks are better and the overall picture seems much clearer. It is a little more expensive but may be worth it because the stated bulb life is much longer than for the XBR's. Take a look at it if you can find it. The 61 incher is especially difficult to find. I am building a media room in my basement and I welcome Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating feedback as to why anyone feels I am wrong about this.

I am less than 2 months away from being ready to make a Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating.

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So what do y'all think? NO, I do not work for Samsung! Those who do prefer the Samsung tend to be contrast ratio or the all-digital path fanatics. The dithering, posturization and rainbows on the Samsung DLP's drove me away. They have also Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating quite a few problems with the lights not working properly so I would doubt there is any bulb life benefit Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating a Samsung.

Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating friend of mine owns the Samsung DLP and his did some very strange things strips of white Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating until he set it down hard one day.

My salesman talked to his Sony person today and discussed the different levels of the Grand Wega like they have for their other projection TV's i. I was told that I would be able to see the Sony book by Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating end of the week, so I will report back any info that I hear.

Maybe I can get him to ask Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating Sony rep. Leslie Posted on Wednesday, June 04, - I'm still hoping to hear from someone Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating the screen glare issue, though. Is it a problem for anyone or is it just fine?

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Paul Posted on Wednesday, June 04, - I had a concern with screen reflections and glare as well, particularly because of the huge size of the screen Yes, it reflects but it doesn't particularly bother me. I rationalized that I was buying this sucker to Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating theater quality movies in the evening, not daytime soaps.

I find it Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating less than a piece of ordinary glass, but for that infrequent daytime viewing, I still Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating a Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating in the room that minimizes reflections. Anonymous Posted on Wednesday, June 04, - Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating I can clearly see a different in the "double AR coating" compared to lower Sony models and other brands. It is possible that plasma TV's Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating another brand's attempt at AR coating is better, but I would try find some Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating with lighting so you can see for yourself.

It looks a little fuzzy to me, but it Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating one of the best at minimizing glare. Don't take my word for Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating go look for yourself. It is pretty obvious. I have a lot of confidence in your perspectives, and you've convinced me that the Grand Wega is indeed the best all-around option in TV available today.

I'll let you know how I like mine when it's delivered David H Posted on Wednesday, June 04, - Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating have hard disks that record up to 50 hours that you can then burn to DVD. I am also interested in transferring VHS tapes wedding, family reunions etc.

Anyone gone the extra mile and threw down the jack for the extra Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating and whistle? Now for your Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating I'm having him price a recordable progressive DVD cause he said they are way down in price. I'll keep you posted. As I recall, you get Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating of the Navy today - good luck on the next adventure. I think hes has the best prices!

Any idea how much the model you two have costs? Are they worth it? Paul Posted on Thursday, June 05, - I thought this would be a really good test. Actually, closing the venetian blinds on our windows in mid-day eliminates most of the reflections. My dealer with Sony's support is replacing my unit with the two bad pixels hopefully with one that doesn't have any bad ones.

I'll let you know what happens. I watch alot of hockey and I have read that hockey does not look good on this Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating. Does anyone have any experience with Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating Digital Cable especially hockey comes through on the TV.

I v never been that excited in my life;0 I dropped box with taxes and Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating plus an extra 60 box for a terk hd antenna then another box on direct tv hd tuner and I went with hughes just Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating it s lot cheaper I know it s lot of money but I hope it s gonna be worth this whole mass after Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating David H Posted on Friday, June 06, - I too looked at a Hughes model DirecTV HD receiver, however, it did not offer over-the-air HD as you are expecting - having purchased the antenna and all.

If your model does - please disregard. Bigger isn't always better but good prices are offered on the net with Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating of return policy. You may also save tax sorry Uncle Sam. These types of remotes are sweet cause they have macros that can be programmed to turn on all electronics, flip to appropriate channels, and turn to desired video source with touch of one button.

Anonymous Posted on Friday, June 06, - I see someone mentioned changing overscan. Was this done in the service menu? What is the code for the 60"? I just dont undestand why they r selling it for box if it doesnt offer hd picture and wich hd receiver is recommended I saw some on ebay for cheaper like you said.

Is there a certain company that you used or know is safe? I see that the other option is run all of your video through the new receivers coming out. Anyone feel free to Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating ghosting dating me if I am wrong. I'm curious what people have been using and which they prefer.

He said that the new model coming out was going to have narrower speakers reducing the width 3 Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating 4 in. Can anyone confirm this? Anonymous Posted on Saturday, June 07, - The Series doesn't look too bad.

It looks a lot Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating the regular rear projection TV's. Now if only we knew what else was different compared to the XBR. It is too bad they don't have any of the Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating new models available.

Big Ben Posted on Sunday, June 08, - I do think he was talking about the same unit I was looking at and that was the 60XBR I will also post another web site when it is sent to me that reviews all the differant big screen TV's. My brother told me that it does mention burn in on LCD's three panel un its like the grand Kf60xbr800 ghosting dating.

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