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My friend is dating a married man


Married men do not leave their wives for their girlfriends. Truthfully, knowing this about her lowers her in my esteem and makes me less interested in being friends with her.

My Friend is 'Dating' a...

I feel like I have some My friend is dating a married man to do something about this, since I know about it. Should I tell her what I think about the whole situation? Is there a way to say it without sounding judgmental?

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Should I caution her that she is likely to end up hurt? Or, maybe he is violating the terms of their marriage, a hurtful thing, but one that many people do for many different reasons, and not something that will be mitigated at all by your interference.

Are you complicit in this because you know about it?

Being a supportive friend does...

Yes, a little bit. But you also My friend is dating a married man that systemic racism exists, that a tremendous inequality in distribution of wealth exists and that many people in your community go hungry every day. And your knowledge of those things makes you culpable in them as well.

My friend is dating a married man strongly suggest you start by trying to right some of those problems.

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My husband and I are close friends with another couple. We have a six-year old boy, and they have two children, an eight-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl. For years, now, the kids have socialized, because we socialize. My friend is dating a married man know it sounds horribly snobby to My friend is dating a married man this, but their kids are allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Is there a way to deal with this without jeopardizing our relationship with our friends? I see two courses of action for you, PP. The first is to begin to limit the amount My friend is dating a married man time your kids spend together. You can do this under the guise of wanting to renew your adult friendship. Start suggesting getting baby-sitters and spending time out as grown-ups. The second option is to continue letting your children be together, but insist that your son act the way you expect him to.

To be effective, this will have to be a series of conversations over time. Children learn the majority of their behavior at home; I suspect your son will emerge from this friendship pretty well unscathed.

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