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BrownPuerto MadrynChubut, Argentina. These deposits, referred as El Chacay Argentina or Guadal Chile formations, and the transition to the overlying Santa Cruz Formation were divided into six facies: These are arranged in a general transgressive-regressive cycle, subdivided into two stratigraphic sequences, separated by a major erosional surface.

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Eustasy, flexural subsidence created by tectonic loading in the adjacent fold-and-thrust belt, and basin floor paleo-topography controlled the duration Cenozoica significado yahoo dating the depositional event and the sedimentation style of these shallow marine deposits.

The sedimentologic analysis of the sedimentary successions accumulated during Cenozoica significado yahoo dating existence of this marine engulfment offers an opportunity to Cenozoica significado yahoo dating ancient marine sedimentary dynamics and processes within a semi-enclosed basin. The association of the basin with an active Miocene orogenic belt the Andes; Ramos, ; Fosdick et al. Location maps of the study area in south-western Patagonia.

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Note the location of the Cenozoica significado yahoo dating area in a large engulfment; B. Simplified geologic map of the study area modified from Giacosa and Franchi, showing the position of the studied sections. More recently some sedimentologic Flint et al. The objectives of this contribution are: The Austral Basin was formed on the foreland side of the Southern Patagonian Andes Fig 1Aand two major phases of evolution are recognized Biddle et al.

A major crustal block known as the Deseado Massif bordered the basin Cenozoica significado yahoo dating the north east Ramos, The Deseado Massif was relatively stable and rigid during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic and formed a positive Cenozoica significado yahoo dating element, restricting sedimentation to a narrow, NNW-elongated engulfment at the northern tip of the basin, limited by the Andean Fold-and-thrust Belt to the west and the Deseado Massif to the east Ramos, ; Ghiglione et al.

At present, the sedimentary succession of this portion of the basin is part of the Southern Patagonian Andes Fold-and-thrust Belt and the associated frontal monocline Ramos, ; Giacosa and Franchi, The development of these compressional structures started in the Late Cretaceous, although the maximum Andean uplift is recorded during Cenozoica significado yahoo dating Miocene Ramos, ; Blisniuk et Cenozoica significado yahoo dating. The sedimentary fill of the Austral Basin in the study area begins with the volcanic-volcaniclastic rocks of the Middle-Upper Jurassic El Quemado Complex, which makes up the technical basement of the basin Biddle et al; Cenozoica significado yahoo dating, The Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene record of this part of the Austral basin is reduced or absent, indicating a prolonged hiatus.

In Meseta Belgrano, these deposits are in turn covered by nearly m of fluvial strata assigned to the Santa Cruz Formation Ramos, ; Blisniuk et al. The fluvial mudstone and sandstone deposits of the Santa Cruz Formation are the thickest unit in the area and represent the progradation of the terrestrial depositional systems Cenozoica significado yahoo dating with Cenozoica significado yahoo dating uplift of the Andes to the west Ramos, Cenozoica significado yahoo dating Blisniuk et al.

The olivine basalts, extruded during late Miocene times, form large plateaus such as the Meseta Lago Buenos Aires and the Meseta Belgrano Giacosa and Franchi,which are related to the late Miocene subduction of the South Chile Ridge and the creation of slab windows Gorring et al. Feruglio revised these Cenozoica significado yahoo dating from a regional stratigraphic point of view, while Chiesa and Camacho Cenozoica significado yahoo dating information about their stratigraphic, paleontologic and lithologic features in order to formalize the name El Chacay Formation in the study area.

Bande provided a general sedimentologic description that served as a field guide for this work while the contribution of Flint et al. Because the limit between both units is Cenozoica significado yahoo dating clearly defined in the field, in this study we place it arbitrarily at the uppermost oyster bank present in the early Miocene marine-estuarine succession. This criterion for the position of the limit implies that the lowermost part of the Santa Cruz Formation may be composed of oyster-free estuarine deposits.

Other previous litostratigraphic proposals exist for adjacent regions e. However, it is not the objective of our work to discuss the validity of each of the abundant Cenozoica significado yahoo dating lithostratigraphic proposals Cenozoica significado yahoo dating in the literature.

Additional work on lithologic description Cenozoica significado yahoo dating stratigraphic context is needed in some other regions of southern Patagonia in order to propose an integrated litostratigraphic scheme that may satisfy all cases.

Field data were collected in five sections Figs. Sedimentary rocks were described in detail in the field including grain size, texture, sedimentary structures, quantity and mode of preservation of the fossil content, trace fossils and bioturbation index BI, following Taylor and Goldring,bed thickness and nature of limiting surfaces. This allowed us to define 16 lithofacies Table 1. Sedimentary sections and key stratigraphic surfaces for the El Chacay Formation and the lowermost part of the Santa Cruz Formation.

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The sections were correlated on the basis of the maximum flooding zone MFZ, datumexcept for the Antena Section, which was correlated with the closer section on the basis of facies characteristics and stratigraphic succession. We sampled unbroken, well-preserved oyster valves for Sr-stratigraphy. Each valve was cut and polished Fig.

Eight of Cenozoica significado yahoo dating best-preserved valves were selected for microsampling. Layers composed of light-colored, chalky microstructures were avoided because these were proved to be susceptible Cenozoica significado yahoo dating diagenetic alteration. Instead, layers composed of dark, foliated and prismatic microstructures were selected Fig.

After separating Sr using Teflon columns filled with 0. The associated errors are 0. Stable isotope results are expressed in the PDB notation. Cut and polished surfaces of three oysters. Cuts are aligned in a dorsal-ventral direction of entire valves showing no mechanical abrasion. The white boxes near the hinge zone correspond to the microsampled areas where coloration is darker translucent microstructures in relation to other zones with pale yellowish colors chalky microstructure.

Sedimentologic, paleontologic and ichnologic data were integrated into a facies analysis in order to define the paleoenvironmental Cenozoica significado yahoo dating. The nature and hierarchy of the bounding surfaces of the sedimentary bodies were also used for stratigraphic interpretation. The facies analysis was also based upon the definition of Cenozoica significado yahoo dating Table 1 characterized mainly by texture, sedimentary structures, bioturbation and nature of the fossil remains.

Sixteen lithofacies were defined Table 1two of which consists of bioclastic accumulations Cenozoica significado yahoo dating fossil invertebrates that are a noticeable feature in the studied succession. The comparison and spatial distribution of the lithofacies, together with paleocurrent data and nature of the bounding surfaces, allowed defining 6 facies, which represent similar conditions of sedimentation.

It appears as thick cross-bedded or massive strata with sharp and plane bases usually covered by a lag of bioclasts Bs. Lithofacies Sp and Sp2 form tabular cosets of up to 15 m thick.

Mud drapes are abundant within this facies and patterns of neap-spring tidal Cenozoica significado yahoo dating can be recognized in large-scale cross-bedding Fig 4A. Paleocurrent measurements derived from cross-strata show highly variable directions, and bipolar Cenozoica significado yahoo dating in adjacent sets.

Body and trace fossil contents are irregularly distributed, while cross-bedded intervals show BI from 0 to 2, although some thin massive sandy levels show higher BI varying from The trace fossil assemblage is dominated by vertical burrows such as Ophiomorpha isp. Subordinate elements comprise monospecific associations of Rosselia isp.

The abundance of mud drapes, the neap-spring tidal cyclicity observed in some cross-bedded sets and the bipolar paleocurrent pattern suggest a strong tidal influence on the deposition of this facies. The sandy grain-size plus the scarcity of trace Cenozoica significado yahoo dating dominated by vertical burrows, suggest a high-energy setting. Large-scale cross-bedded sets showing mud drapes and monospecific Rosselia isp suites, suggest alteration of periods of fast sedimentation with periods of paucity in sedimentation e.

Facies A is interpreted as deposits of subtidal dunes Sp, St and Cenozoica significado yahoo dating the influence of strong tidal currents Dalrymple and Rhodes, The presence of large, simple cross-bedding sets of nearly 3 m thick suggest deposition by large dunes Cenozoica significado yahoo dating water deeper than 15 m Allen, ; Ashley,that together with the absence of channelized sedimentary bodies, suggests a tide-dominated shallow shelf to outer estuarine environment of deposition Dalrymple, Lithofacies Cenozoica significado yahoo dating significado yahoo dating facies of the El Chacay Formation.

Medium and large-scale cross-bedded strata composing the Cenozoica significado yahoo dating A, interpreted as subtidal sand-bars. Neap-spring tidal cyclicity is observable in the large scale set Sp2. Inset at the upper left correspond to the white box and shows details of the cross-bedded structure with abundant mud drapes and a monospecific association of the ichnogenus Rosselia isp. Typical fully bioturbated sandstones Smb of Facies B; deep Cenozoica significado yahoo dating such as Teichichnus isp.

Tei and Asterosoma isp. As traces can be recognized; C. Coarsening up succession of Facies D1, dominated by parallel-laminated sandstones and wave-generated structures; D. A sharp contact dashed line separates this succession from the overlying cross-bedded sandstones Sp. This facies is composed Cenozoica significado yahoo dating of Smb intercalated with bioclastic levels of lithofacies Bs and Bb.

Gradations to muddy lithofacies Fm2 are frequent. The grain size is finer than in Facies A. Lithofacies Smb shows a high degree of bioturbation with more or less uniform intensities that vary from BI4 to BI6 Fig. The trace fossil suite is dominated by the ichnogenera Teichichnus isp. Shelly marine fossils are abundant in this facies, forming sedimentologic lithofacies Bs and biogenic lithofacies Bb concentrations Kidwell et al. Lithofacies Bs contain disarticulated and abraded remains of shells, especially oysters, turritellid gastropods, other bivalves such as pectinids and terebratullid brachiopods.

Bb concentrations are dominated by the large oyster Crassostrea? The fossils mentioned for lithofacies Bs and Bb together with many other marine invertebrate fossils including echinoids, crustacean, bryozoan, barnacles and many forms of Cenozoica significado yahoo dating and gastropods typical of the El Chacay Formation e. The abundant invertebrate fossil concentrations and the abundance and high diversity of trace fossils, together with the sandy nature of the sediments, suggest that this facies accumulated in an open, shallow marine, well-oxygenated and agitated environment.

The good sorting and tight packing of the shells plus Cenozoica significado yahoo dating sandy nature of the intercalated beds suggest deposition under the action of tractive processes. Commonly, these types of facies were interpreted Cenozoica significado yahoo dating lower shoreface deposits e. Coarse bioclastic accumulations suggest winnowing events over the sea bottom such Cenozoica significado yahoo dating storm events and migration of sandbars.

They might constitute parasequences formed as a result of high-frequency sea-level fluctuations. The exposure of this facies is generally poor and it Cenozoica significado yahoo dating observed in few, isolated places Fig.

It is dominated by laminated shales or massive mudstones lithofacies Fl and Fm2 respectively with subordinate massive fine sandstones lithofacies Smb. It grades vertically into Facies B. The fossil content is sparse, and forms little-transported, high-diversity autochtonous to parautochtonous associations.

Oysters, different forms of bivalves, turritellids and brachiopods are commonly observed in this facies. Carbonate concretions present in isolated beds show well preserved associations of oysters, pectinids, bryozoans, gastropods and encrusting serpulids.

The BI is difficult to measure due to poor exposure, although the degree of bioturbation seems to be lower than that of Facies B. The presence of fine-grained deposits suggests environments dominated by settling processes below storm wave base or at depths where the tidal action was not effective. Thin sandy layers or fossil concentrations suggest local events of high energy storms?

Shelly fossils commonly appear entire and articulated, with their ornamentation well preserved, suggesting preservation in life position or slight transport parautochthonuos preservation. This facies comprises the uppermost third of the El Chacay Formation and shows the Cenozoica significado yahoo dating lateral and vertical heterogeneity. Considering that Cenozoica significado yahoo dating limit between the El Chacay and Santa Cruz formations is placed arbitrarily in the uppermost oyster bank present in the estuarine part of the succession, it is possible that part of the Facies D may belong to the lowermost beds of the Santa Cruz Formation.

However, within the study area, oyster banks were found in all the cases where the transitional deposits crop-out. Facies D includes a variety of sandy, muddy and heterolithic lithofacies included in an estuarine complex with varying degrees of wave and tidal action. According to the lithofacies distribution it can be subdivided into four subfacies:.

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The nature and hierarchy of the bounding surfaces of the sedimentary bodies were also used for stratigraphic interpretation. The paleocurrent vectors show a unimodal distribution and E orientation Fig. The interrelationships between the natural environment and four sambaquis, coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The irregular shape of the basaltic substrate controlled the style of sedimentation of the basal strata of the El Chacay Formation.

Feruglio revised these deposits from a regional stratigraphic point of view, while Chiesa and Camacho provided information about their stratigraphic, paleontologic and lithologic features in order to formalize the name El Chacay Formation in the study area. Scattered, disarticulated oysters C.

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