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A pink eunji and jong hyun dating

On December 20, the main...

Comebacks Key Solo activities Social issues Teasers. Post to Facebook Tweet this Send by e-mail Link. The two couples got together, and Eunji even had some special gifts prepared for Key. Seeing this, Jonghyun and Minho felt left out and a bit jealous. They then asked Na-Eun to set them up with her A pink eunji and jong hyun dating pink eunji and jong hyun dating Pink members.

Key quickly replied, "Don't bring us together anymore. End it with just me and Eunji. Like key said, better if it's just jongho And please set up onew and namjoo lmao Edited at I seriously want Namjoo with anyone. I will A pink eunji and jong hyun dating her no matter how boring her male partner is. Girl can be entertaining just by herself. Onew might just keep quiet while she will do all the first moves lol.

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Minho and Jonghyun ask Na-Eun...

Reply Parent Thread Link. Here's a link to the episode! Edited at Ugh, I really want to A pink eunji and jong hyun dating Minho.

Nov 5, Nana and Hong...

Like, in many places I don't know why I can't get myself into this show. Key and Eunji are so forced, ugh. I really can't picture my Apink babies with Shinee, though Jjong and Eunji would have been better imo. Never before have your adorable Jongho icons been more appropriate!! Or is it just because taemin and naeun are boring lol.

Seeing Key and Eunji hit...

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