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Javascript must be enabled to use this site. Please enable Javascript in your browser and Maximize male enhancement fdating again. Treating erectile dysfunction without the little blue pill. But as we Maximize male enhancement fdating age, arousal takes longer. It may even become problematic. So here are six ways to stay excited about the horizontal tango:.

Understand why things have changed.

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Blame it on evolution: The biological mission Maximize male enhancement fdating life is to reproduce life.

Over the eons, humans evolved to take full advantage of their reproductive opportunities. That's why young men Maximize male enhancement fdating hot to trot. After age 50 or so, however, the nervous system becomes less excitable, and erotic urgency cools. At a certain point, Maximize male enhancement fdating once-randy billy goats may have this inconceivable thought: Whereas women stop producing eggs at menopause, men can father children at any age.

That doesn't make sex a slam dunk after 50, though; erections may become iffy, and arousal is no longer automatic. In short, it takes work. As a year-old friend mentioned recently, "She wanted to, and I enjoy it with her, but I just Maximize male enhancement fdating work up to it. Realize that erection drugs have no effect on arousal. In young men, arousal and erection are synonymous. After 50, by contrast, Maximize male enhancement fdating change: An older man can want sex and feel aroused without getting an erection, or he may get an erection but not feel aroused.

This decoupling confounds many men understandably! Some seek relief through erection drugsbelieving that if the mechanics are in place, the motive will be, too. They pop the pill, then feel betrayed when it doesn't make them feel turned on.

Erection medications simply boost blood flow into the penis. Maximize male enhancement fdating have no effect on arousalwhich is subjective. That's Maximize male enhancement fdating reason why more than half of men who get an initial prescription for an erectile dysfunction drug never refill it. Psychologically, there's a good reason to wrap a gift: The Maximize male enhancement fdating it takes to unwrap it builds anticipation and adds zing Maximize male enhancement fdating both the giving and the receiving.

Looking forward to sex likewise heightens arousal. That's why sex therapists urge couples who have progressed a bit beyond the hot-and-heavy stage to make sex dates in advance: When older adults Maximize male enhancement fdating to feel spontaneously aroused, sex may not happen. Here's Maximize male enhancement fdating form of "gift-wrapping the present" that's almost certain to arouse an older man: Take your honey lingerie shopping.

Sex therapists have a saying: A perennial complaint of younger women has to do with young men who rush into genital play before the woman feels warmed up and receptive. An older man's slower pace of arousal dovetails nicely with what women prefer, enhancing erotic compatibility.

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So before either of you reaches for your partner's undercarriage, Maximize male enhancement fdating and kiss Maximize male enhancement fdating Use slow, sensual massage to touch each other all over, from scalp to toes. After 30 minutes or so, she's likely to feel sufficiently aroused to enjoy genital play.

And chances are good that you will, too.

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What makes the early months of a love affair so passionate? This brain chemical, Maximize male enhancement fdating neurotransmitter, spikes when people fall in love. But your dopamine levels return to Maximize male enhancement fdating after a year or so; this may make arousal problematic for an older man.

To reclaim the ever-ready excitability of early romance, use novelty Maximize male enhancement fdating boost your dopamine levels and thus enhance arousal. Maximize male enhancement fdating is why sex therapists urge couples to add new elements to their sex lives, such as making love in a new way, or at a different time, or in a different place.

A romantic Maximize male enhancement fdating getaway might present the perfect opportunity to achieve all three.

Sex is built on friction and fantasy.

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So if you're having arousal difficulties, Maximize male enhancement Maximize male enhancement fdating your imagination go wild. One of the most common erotic fantasies is having sex with someone who is not your regular partner. Some women condemn such "mental unfaithfulness," but if visions of an old flame heat your blood, there's no harm in daydreaming. How sex changes for men after You are leaving AARP. Please return to AARP. Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you Maximize male enhancement fdating that we can prioritize the information you receive.

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