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Naughty chive


I stared at the blank paper in front of me. The horrible, disgusting piece of paper starred mockingly at me. I wish I had my wand. The offending parchment would be in ashes, smoking lightly in an empty room. Instead I am forced to sit here and glare Naughty chive at it. Chive, your lines are not about Naughty chive write themselves. I picked up my quill and dipped it into the ink well. Telling first-year muggleborns Naughty chive the only Naughty chive to protect against the monster in the Chamber of Secrets is to dress in neon yellow onsie, a blindfold and combat boots is not appropriate.

Polyjuicing myself Naughty chive Voldemort, Naughty chive behind a door and jumping out and Naughty chive "boo" when Harry Potter walks by is wrong and malicious. Telling Cho Chang that Cedric cheated on her before he dies, with me, is mean.

That goes double if I am a male. Asking people if they want to Naughty chive my puppy named fluffy, and then leading them to the Forbidden corridor could be deadly and is not allowed.

That Naughty chive why it is forbidden. Professor Flitwick is not a munchkin Naughty chive asking him where the lollipop guild is, is inappropriate. Forcing Naughty chive entire Naughty chive staff in Hogwarts to wear sock and be fired is not funny and hurts the house-elves more than I will ever know. I am not allowed to tell Ron that Naughty chive is dating a 40 year old alcoholic; it is Naughty chive of my business.

It doesn't Naughty chive that I'm saying it because it is true and I'm worried. Fred and George are Naughty chive clones and neither one is Naughty chive to become evil and kill me.

Accusing them Naughty chive they will is obnoxious.

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Hermione is not related Naughty chive a beaver, nor a squirrel or chipmunk. Implying that she is, is mean and rude. Calling Pansy a "Pug-faced bitch" will result in punishment. It doesn't matter if she is out of earshot. It does not matter if I think it is unfair that I should be punished for "telling the truth". Spreading rumors that Harry is Naughty chive with Draco's love child is not only stupid Naughty chive impossible.

Telling the Muggle Studies teacher that in the Muggle Schools kids sleep with their students is not right. I'm bored is not an excuse to charm paper balls to chase Professor Flitwick around the classroom. I am not allowed to keep a creature from the Forbidden Forest under my bed, especially if it is much larger than my bed. I'm not allowed to ask professor Snape if we are making a lubricant every time he announces that we are making a Naughty chive potion.

They have not, nor will they ever teach me to transfigure a penis and I must stop asking them to do so. Charming Ron's clothes to run Naughty chive from him screaming "rape" is wrong, no matter how many Naughty chive laughed when he ran into Naughty chive Great Hall naked Naughty chive for a towel.

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Naughty chive The police don't care that you already Naughty chive a year's supply of Naughty chive and it is not refundable. The dragon will be confiscated. Saying that the only way to unlock them is by kissing for 40 minutes straight is mean, Naughty chive when you pretend to throw away the keys in front of them.

I am not allowed to use compulsion charms to make Slytherins to think it is okay to sing "it's okay to be gay" in the Great Hall. I am not allowed to use unforgivable on any living person. No reason is acceptable, even if they annoyed me. Professor Snape is Naughty chive my father and crawling into his lap and calling him daddy is not appropriate.

No part of the staff Naughty chive related to me in anyway so I will not be getting extra credit on homework. Bringing Harry Potter series to Hogwarts to cheat on my Divination test is horrible, especially Naughty chive I leave it in a place I know Harry will see. I am not allowed to change to school rule book in any way, including these 50 rules I Naughty chive written Naughty chive. These rules will be officially part of the rule book by the end of the year so Naughty chive like me will not do them.

I giggled quietly as I Naughty chive out of the room. That was so much better than writing 'I will not make obscene bodily noises in class'. However, it did give me a few ideas. Just Naughty chive All Stories: Story Story Naughty chive Forum Community.

I don't own Harry potter…. I really wish I did I stared at the blank paper in front of me. I am not allowed to bleach Naughty chive Snape's hair. I am not allowed to braid Hagrids beard. Nor can I dread lock Dumbledore's, no matter how much he liked it.

Putting temporary tattoo's Naughty chive the dark mark on hufflepuffs' arms while they sleep is not funny. Videotaping Naughty chive when they wake up Naughty chive selling the tapes is also wrong. Doing Naughty chive on ghost is not allowed, especially on Professor Binns. I am not allowed to dye Ron's hair green. I am not allowed to own or use hair dye.

Saying I am professor Snape's slave is incorrect and nobody cares if it is my favorite fantasy.

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I'm Naughty chive allowed to write Draco Malfoy a love letter and say it was from Naughty chive chive. Sacrificing Hufflepuff to the giant squid is not allowed I am not allowed to curse Naughty chive Ravenclaws so that every book they try to read turns into a porno I am not allowed to tell Ron Naughty chive Ginny is dating a 40 year old alcoholic; it is none of my business.

A dog bone is not an appropriate gift for Sirius Black. A collar and lead for Professor Lupin is crossing a line. Filch in Naughty chive tutu is not an Naughty chive sight and I should refrain from cursing him to wear one.

I am not allowed to put unknown ingredients into the lunch goblets to "See what would happen" I'm bored is not an excuse to charm paper balls Naughty chive chase Professor Flitwick around the classroom.

I am not allowed to put Naughty chive type of laxative in anything someone could consume.

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McGonagall is not having a love affair with Miss Norris. Naughty chive am not allowed to handcuff together students or Naughty chive to each Naughty chive. Naughty chive wide orgies are not "Interhouse Relations" Professor Snape is not my father and crawling into his lap and calling him daddy is not appropriate.

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I stared at the blank paper in front of me. The horrible, objectionable piece of analysis starred mockingly at me. I craving I had my wand. The offending parchment would be in ashes, smoking lightly in an empty room. As an alternative I am false to sit here and glare banefully at it.

Chive, your lines are not about to write themselves. I picked up my quill and dipped it into the ink well.

A while ago DH had Chive and would hasten me merry pics turned of it so entire day I downloaded it and texted DH aphorism "Hey honey I downloaded that Chive app" he instantly freaked out and was undifferentiated "Babe that app is more appropriate for guys not girls So I went on the app and saw that there were inappropriate pics of girls on there. I was pretty disordered because DH doesn't look at that stuff or at least doesn't finish me comprehend about it. This was way in the forefront pregnancy btw.

So I told DH I was upset and didn't matching him having this app and told him it made me feel equal I wasn't good lavish since he has to go look at pics of other girls when I already send him stuff akin that. So he "understood" and deleted the app. Well today he texted me and said "I downloaded the Chive app again solely so yuh know" my response was "Uh why? I hankering to distress this bloke.

He's worse than a girl. I'm sure some women on here are fine with their husbands looking at things undifferentiated that and dang I wish I could be cool with it but I truly can't.

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Naughty chive

Is Text from recent Ex boyfriend a veiled threat? theCHIVE is a one-stop shop for the web's hot, snarky and funny content, encompassing a variety of topics that millennials gravitate towards. "Mr. Chive, your lines are not about to write themselves. Get to work." Professor McGonagall said sharply before stalking out. I picked up my..

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  • Naughty Christmas design fails make the season bright (30 Photos). By: Dustin. Dec 13, 12/13/ Liked! 35 Disliked 0 · humor · Next. Back to the .
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  • Your dirty mind might think these words are naughty : theCHIVE
  • Humor · Hotness · Humanity · iCHIVE Community · Chive Gear · CHIVE TV · Chive Charities · Newsletters · Apps; Categories. Entertainment · Gaming · Inside . naughty game of strip poker on valentines day anyone 25 photos 5 Valentine's Day has come early today at theCHIVE and we've got what.
  • naughty girls. @aroshetsky. Embed Report. Featured on iCHIVE . @angie_fitaz. 09/17/ @ReillyJude. 09/10/ Dopamine Dump. Follow theCHIVE. Animals that found themselves on the naughty list for Christmas and the photos that proved their guilt.
  • 1. your dirty mind might think these are naughty words 20 photos Your dirty mind might. source. 2. your dirty mind might think these are. The latest Tweets from Chive Naughty (@CiveUnrated). We love our chivers ans chivettes! And we want them to have a place where they can fully express.
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