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Goodreads helps you keep Read hookup for demons online free of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Read hookup for demons online free for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Demons In My Mind 4. Are crimes and mental illness related? Is your mind under your control? Is your life an illusion created by you?

Dakshesh, an old man in Sirubari village suffering from cancer, wishes to be released from excruciating pain. His journey takes him to the three monks, known for miraculous healing and life transformation. He discovers they are no saints, but hardened criminals.

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Th Read hookup for demons online free crimes and mental illness related? The three monks - Rizwan, Murli, Joseph - narrate stories of unprecedented savagery that Read hookup for demons online free make even the most cold-hearted criminals look down with shame.

The dark stories of the three monks leave Dakshesh gasping, but there is something about their dishonorable lives that relieves Dakshesh from his pain.

PaperbackSecond Editionpages. Published March 25th by Kalamos Literary Services. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Demons In My Mindplease sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Human mind is one of the most complex machine ever built.

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It is more complex than any super computer. Does we rule the mind or the mind rules us? The title gives us the idea. Dakshesh is an old man who is on the verge of a painful death. He ask his fellows to take him to mysterious three monks. They start telling him their stories. The first monk, Rizwan is from a poor family who is in debt of local priest.

He has his friends Ayeda and mysterious young boy. He end up doing heinous crimes. The second monk, Murli is a celebrity painter who have become so successful in short span of time that he has surpassed his guru.

He is inspired by body of women and they are her muse. But success gets to his head and he loses Read hookup for demons online free of his faculty. The third monk, Joseph is in love with Ira. Ira want to do social service and make this world a better place. When tragedy strikes Joseph loses his control on his mind. How these three find their salvation through a girl named a homeless girl, Alia is the story. The story raises some pertinent and uncomfortable questions.

Are the so called criminals evil or just a victim of their own uncontrolled mind? Why society is able to find a cure for every disease sooner or later, but crime has been a part of our history from the beginning. If punishing sinners are logical, justifiable and most appropriate then why have we not been able to contain crime?

Why do we keep Read hookup for demons online free a generation Read hookup for demons online free sinners whose crimes change Read hookup for demons online free but not nature? Cannot criminals be treated as people infected by a communicable disease that kills anything the sufferer comes in contact with? Ira first tried to find her happiness in serving the poor but once her mentor Sadhna dies she is disillusioned. She tried to find answer to these questions.

How much she was successful is not very clear from the book. Read hookup for demons online free people cannot handle success and it goes into their mind.

Do you see the faces of the audience? They are no longer just admirers of my art, they had become devoted servants. I was not the same man. I had become a God — a supreme authority. Or at least, my mind thought so. It would go Read hookup for demons online free of its way to keep this feeling alive even if it had to indulge creative ideas from hell. It would do anything to keep this throne safe.

Success had drugged me. I was not aware that my mind was already out of my control. These two passages are the example; 1. The laughing clubs had always amused me, you remember? How Read hookup for demons online free people try to keep themselves shielded from the daily chaos.

Read hookup for demons online free wondered how someone could fool himself into believing that all was hunky dory even when his Read hookup for demons online free was upside down.

But for the first time, I realized the courage this must take.

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Maybe things did get better when you mustered the resolve to laugh at your own misfortune. I laughed and laughed like a monster in the sky I did not know how? I did not know why? I looked in the mirror, but I could not find, The man behind blood spattered face, and an uncontrolled mind.

When a person, marked by unwarranted opulence, from the other world throws away the wasted food in a bin, a kid from our world savours it to kill days of stomach pain. When the roads of that world are packed with gleaming cars honking their way out, a parallel world on the pavements Read hookup for demons online free asleep in the heat of a fire built of twigs, plastics and anything which the others dump on our side. At every corner, one can find a confluence of the two streams, Read hookup for demons online free both remain divided by two things - our fate, and their hollow character.

The book Read hookup for demons online free questions which are being asked in criminal Read hookup for demons online free and psychological circles from long. What of the most heinous and hardened criminals are not perpetrators of crime, but they are themselves victim of their own sick mind.

When the mind is sick a Read hookup for demons online free loses grip on reality and rationality and does some barbaric acts. So even the psychopathic killers, rapists, pedophiles, incestophiles etc are not criminals but just sick. There is no clear cut answer for these questions in medical science and psychology. This book too fails miserably to answer Read hookup for demons online free questions.

Later on it reminded me of movie series Saw and other horror movies. The end leave you dissatisfied and with many unanswered questioned. I felt enervated and confused by the end. Still the book has some new insights and barring the last portions, worth the read. I would recommend it to those who like to read dark psychological thrillers whit grisly details. It is not for faint hearted and Read hookup for demons online free who are looking for some light time pass.

Are you looking for a good read with chills and full of surprises? In fact, we all are looking for something that can give us an adrenaline rush just by turning pages.

Demons in My Mind by Aashish Gupta is the one that will Read hookup for demons online free you a boost this weekend. An old man in a village in Nepal is suffering from cancer and wishes to be released from the pain that comes with the disease.

He requests his fellow villagers to take him to the three monks.

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Everyone in the village has heard about them. Everyone Are you looking for a good read with chills and full of surprises? Read hookup for demons online free in Read hookup for demons online free village is fascinated by the legend of these three monks through their stories of miraculous Read hookup for demons online free. Knowing that the sick man's death is imminent, the villagers leave him alone near the Pashupatinath temple, Kathmandu hoping that the three monks, if they exist, would embrace him on the holy land.

The old man wakes up to the sight of the three monks, but only to come across the real truth behind these monks as Read hookup for demons online free series of surprises set off from there. It consists all elements that most of us readers seek in a book. Surprise, thrill, emotional touches, and a kick to our minds in the end. This book is full of them. From early chapters till last page, this book continued to amaze me. Overall, the storyline of the book is the real source of amazement.

Just when you think that the plot will go this way or that, just when your brain think it knows and conclude the possibilities that lay ahead, Aashish Gupta, will illuminate a whole new direction with his words.

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