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Circuit City Corporation is an American online consumer electronics retail company, formed by Ronny Shmoel in as part of his acquisition of the brand name and trademark rights sold by Systemaxwhich formerly operated the CircuitCity.

Founded in by Samuel Wurtzel as the Wards Company, the original company operated stores across the United States and pioneered the electronics superstore format in the s. On August 22,Circuit City Corporation officially relaunched the brand name as an online retailer and announced plans to Self liquidating adalah center operating as a store-within-a-store chain. In early Wurtzel was on vacation in Richmond, Virginia when, while at a local barber shop, he was Self liquidating adalah center to the start of television in the South.

Hecht joined him as a partner in the business.

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ByWards Company operated four television and home appliance stores in Richmond. During the s and early s, it also sold mail-order under the name "Dixie Hi Fi", advertising in hi-fi magazines. Wards experimented with several retail formats in Richmond, including smaller mall outlets branded "Sight-n-Sound" and "Circuit City". The company, Self liquidating adalah center had leased floor space from the Zody's department stores Self liquidating adalah center well as other department stores, began acquiring retail stores and turning them into Circuit City Superstores.

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He remained the chairman until Wards purchased a new headquarters building at Thalbro Street named after Thalhimer Bros. Department Store in Richmond, Virginia and in the extra space opened "Wards Loading Dock", its first big-box format Self liquidating adalah center The company continued to Self liquidating adalah center with the new format modeled after "Wards Loading Dock" and renamed it Circuit City Superstore in Inthe company began constructing the new "plug" design Superstore formats.

During this era, Circuit City became known for its exceptional service, going so far as to have many of its staff factory-trained. InCircuit City introduced the "Pluggie" mascot who was Self liquidating adalah center seen on television and in-store advertising. The mascot was a plug similar to that seen on Circuit City television commercials plugging into store fronts, but had a smiley face and arms. Bymany Circuit City stores were out of date and in bad locations, unable to compete with newer Best Buy stores.

InCircuit City abandoned the large appliance business and introduced a more self-serve " Big Box " format called "Horizon". This was controversial because in the previous year Circuit City was the second largest appliance retailer in the United States, behind only Sears.

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However, executives were concerned about the competition from Home Depot and Lowe's and believed there would be big savings in warehouse storage and delivery costs if they quit the large appliance business. Self liquidating adalah center was later realized that Circuit Self liquidating adalah center thus missed out on the residential-housing boom of the mids, which saw a dramatic rise in new-appliance sales.

The new "Horizon" stores abandoned the original showroom experience Self liquidating adalah center a brighter, more-open sales-floor format with open ceilings, low fixtures, and wood-floor aisles to allow customers to browse the merchandise easily. The format allowed putting all products on the sales floor, except those that were too large for customers to carry themselves. Shopping carts were added for the expanded assortment of grab-and-go merchandise. A row of registers was located at the Self liquidating adalah center of the store for the first time for quick checkout.

Previously, the stores only had Self liquidating adalah center located within each department since the salespeople were on commission. Even though the new format had commissioned sales people, it was becoming very similar to Best Buy. Every Superstore was retrofitted after the exit from the large-appliance business, using the space for an expanded self-serve computer accessory and software selection.

Stores at the time sold only PlayStation games under an exclusive agreement with Sony. Music and movie sales had been added to most stores years before, but the extra space allowed Self liquidating adalah center selection to be added to smaller stores. InCircuit City converted to a single hourly pay structure in all stores, eliminating commissioned sales. Inwith the expansion of the wireless phone market, Circuit City partnered Self liquidating adalah center Verizon Wireless to include full-service Verizon Wireless sales and service centers in each Superstore.

These locations were owned and staffed by Verizon Self liquidating adalah center. Circuit City stopped selling wireless phones with all other carriers due to the agreement. The smaller format gave the company greater flexibility to enter new markets and backfill existing ones.

Most new store openings in used this new store format. On February 8,Circuit City announced that it planned to close seven domestic Superstores and a Kentucky distribution center to Self liquidating adalah center costs and improve its financial performance.

This unsettled investors and analysts concerned about management turnover. Chief Executive Officer Phil Schoonover's "hand-picked Self liquidating adalah center is turning over faster than we would like to see in a turnaround situation. In a Self Self liquidating adalah center adalah center release on March 28,Circuit City announced that in a "wage management" decision in order to cut costs, it had laid off approximately better-paid associates and would re-staff the positions at the lower market-based salaries.

Laid-off associates were provided severance Self liquidating adalah center offered a chance to be re-hired after ten weeks at prevailing wages. The Washington Post reported interviews with management concerning the firings. In Augustthe chain's head office demanded stores destroy all copies of an issue of Mad magazine which described "Sucker City" as a chain with a long list of locations, all in proximity to each other and each adjacent to a rival Best Buy store.

Allen King was selected Chairman of the Board.

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The approximately 1, remaining corporate employees were consolidated into one building in an effort to further reduce costs and improve profitability. Marcum promised that the stores would stay open and the chain would not be liquidated. On November 18,it was announced that Ricardo Salinas Pliegocurrent owner of Mexican television broadcaster TV Azteca and electronics store chain Elektrahad purchased 28 percent of Circuit City. Self liquidating adalah center January 10,it was announced by a company spokesman that Circuit City needed a buyer by January 16, to keep from shutting its doors due Self liquidating adalah center an approaching deadline set by the court and creditors.

According to Circuit City's website, the company announced on January 16, that it intended to liquidate all of its stores. The final day of operations for all Circuit City stores was March 8, Liquidation was completed on March 9, During the liquidation of all Circuit City stores across the nation, the company's online store was closed, and replaced it with Self liquidating adalah center page that read as follows: Circuit City Self liquidating adalah center like to thank all of the customers who have shopped with us over the past 60 years.

Unfortunately, we announced on January 16,that we are going out of business. The revived site's front page initially looked similar to the original front page, while other pages were similar in appearance Self liquidating adalah center functionality to the other two sites. On November 2,it was announced that Systemax would drop both the CompUSA and Circuit City storefront brands by consolidating their businesses under the TigerDirect Self liquidating adalah center and website.

This ended, after 63 years, the use of the Circuit City brand name. It was reported in January that the Circuit City brand would be revived as Circuit City Corporation by area retail veteran Ronny Shmoel, who acquired the brand from Systemax. The first Self liquidating adalah center opened in Richmond, Virginia in September CarMax was spun off from Circuit City in a tax free distribution to shareholders in October to allow both companies to grow Self liquidating adalah center be valued independently.

Circuit City Express was a chain of mall-based Circuit City stores with over 55 locations at its peak. These stores focused on small electronic products for personal use or to be given as gifts. Cellular phones were a major focus of the business since all major carriers were sold until the exclusive agreement with Verizon Self liquidating adalah center in Most of the locations closed Self liquidating adalah center the early s as the original 10 year leases expired.

The player was connected to a phone line to check whether the disc was still valid. Firedog was launched in August to provide in-store, in-home, and online computer and home theatre technical support and installation services [70] in competition with other retailers' consumer and business technical services offerings such as Best Buy 's Geek Squad and Staples' EasyTech. It sold both of these operations in to Bank One now Chase Bank.

Patapsco Designs was acquired by Circuit City in InSelf liquidating adalah center sued RadioShack in an attempt to prevent it from re-entering the Canadian marketplace as a direct competitor; [77] while this effort failed, the nine new RadioShack-branded stores closed their doors by The court found that important information pertaining to sale items was purposely obscured within the advertisement, thus potentially deceiving customers.

The plaintiffs' claim concerned Circuit City's cancellation of its warranty plan without full disclosure of the plan at the time of sale. The plaintiffs cited breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and violation of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act.

Circuit City requested the matter be dismissed. The court, however, upheld the plaintiffs' claim that the monies paid for the protection plan be reimbursed and credit be issued for non-working goods returned.

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Liquidators handling the sale of remaining Circuit City inventory have also become the target of consumer complaints, not only for often-uncompetitive pricing of items but also for an "all Self liquidating adalah center final" policy which allows the sale of defective or damaged merchandise at former Circuit City locations with no recourse afforded to the consumer.

Due to the expansion of Circuit City stores in the ss, the company accumulated a surplus of unused real estate with a presence in nearly every major market in the country. During Circuit City's fiscal year March 1, through February 28,the Self liquidating adalah center disposed of approximately 1. Many Self liquidating adalah center these stores, Self liquidating adalah center liquidating adalah center, did open in and operated for only a few weeks before closing.

Some were built and never opened and Self liquidating adalah center the company's declaration of bankruptcy, it was discovered that large expenditures were due Self liquidating adalah center paying leases on buildings that were not even opened to the public. In Januarythe main Circuit City headquarters building was put up for sale.

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