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Compiled and edited by a monk of the St. A Brief History of the Orthodox Church. Notable Fathers of the Early Period. Notable Fathers of the Early Byzantine Period. Notable Fathers Creeds 3 5 xdating the Later Byzantine Period. The Conversion of the Slavs. Other Orthodox Communities in America. The Altar and Its Furnishings. Candles and Their Symbolism. Church Servers and Their Vestments.

Liturgy of the Faithful. The Liturgy of St. The Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts. Short Glossary of Liturgical Terms. Concerning Bows and the Sign of the Cross. Fasting Seasons and Days. Great Lent and the Paschal Cycle. The Date of Pascha. Creeds 3 5 xdating Twelve Great Feasts. Great Feasts of the Paschal Cycle. The Symbol of Faith The Creed. Concerning the Life of the World to Come. The Foundations of Creeds 3 5 xdating Morals.

Icons of the Most-Holy Theotokos. The Holy Eucharist Holy Communion. Holy Repentance Penance — Confession. The Anointing of the Sick. John Chrysostom on Prayers. The Church's Prayer for the Dead.

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The Jesus Prayer — Prayer of the Heart. The Psalter — a Book of Prayer. Greek Additions to the Old Testament Apocrypha.

Great Prayers of the Bible. Scripture Readings Throughout the Year. Scripture Readings for Special Occasions. M any are prone to saying there is no Orthodox culture in America; religious culture is something that comes from Europe or the Middle East; or else it must be dug up from the very ancient past, from which we must interpret and reconstruct meaning.

In fact, this is not necessarily true. It is said by some with humor that tradition is only as old as what our parents and grandparents taught us. Actually, there is profound truth in this. A cultural tradition is not an abstract reconstruction, but those truths, values and behavior commonly practiced, observed, held and understood by one generation and passed on to the next.

There is a pattern of customary beliefs, a Creeds 3 5 xdating of doing and explaining things, that is observably the faith of our Creeds 3 5 xdating, passed on to us as those truths we hold. The compilation of this book is an effort to gather from an on-going tradition of piety that which is traditional, for many, Creeds 3 5 xdating the familiar — but equally beneficial, familiarizing many with an Orthodox continuity of things commonly observed.

The style of themes, attitudes, expressions and images is popular in the sense that it has been the experience Creeds 3 5 xdating Orthodox people in their own life and worship, representing how they were taught, what they have come to understand, and thus, have passed on to us.

It is uniquely Orthodox that theology is not solely the scholarly pursuit of a specialized class of clergy. We can, with much benefit, come in touch with what has been traditional for our people in Orthodox parishes Creeds Creeds 3 5 xdating 5 xdating many generations as a theology of piety and practice. The necessary continuity for Creeds 3 5 xdating is to have some understanding of these Creeds 3 5 xdating commonly held by the Orthodox, and to be able to Creeds 3 5 xdating, These Creeds 3 5 xdating We Hold.

This salvation is expressed in the change which occurs in the soul before and after death, and in eternal blessedness after the Resurrection of the Dead. The means Creeds 3 5 xdating achieving these blessings are faith, adherence to Christ and obedience to His teachings, all of which is facilitated by the Divine Grace of the Holy Spirit, imparted through the Sacraments, among which the Holy Eucharist occupies the central place. Only in the Church — the Mystical Body of Christ — can the Holy Eucharist be celebrated, and all the other Sacraments are grouped around it.

By receiving and partaking of the Precious Body and Blood of the Lord, the sons and daughters of the Church Creeds 3 5 xdating communicants of the Lord Jesus Himself, constituting His very Body, which assumes true reality on earth in the Church of Christ cf.

Only by belonging to the Church, or, in other words, being in communion with the very essence of Christ through the Holy Eucharist, can one attain salvation unto eternal life.

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And who can be regarded as members of the Church? The answer is quite clear: The whole life of the Church is based on an Creeds 3 5 xdating bond between the hierarchy and laity.

We must recall that the principle of an ecclesiastical hierarchy was set forth by the Lord Himself, Who said to His disciples, I have Creeds 3 5 xdating you out of the world John This hierarchy consists of a line of direct and immediate successors to the Holy Apostles through the grace of the laying-on of Creeds 3 5 xdating cf. Acts 1 ; these successors are the Bishops, and through them the Priests and Deacons of the Church.

The Sacraments may be administered only by the Bishops, but in order to make them available to a greater number, their administration is rightly entrusted to Priests who can be ordained only by Bishops. Following the teachings of St. This is self-evident, since one cannot think of God and the Church as being apart from each other.

God is salvation, and God's saving power is mediated to man in His Body, the Church. For this reason, the Orthodox Church regards herself as the One Creeds 3 5 xdating and Apostolic Churchsince otherwise, salvation would be possible in any Church. Thus she says that outside the Church there is no salvation!

This is so because, as one prominent Orthodox theologian has put it, Creeds 3 5 xdating is the Church" [ G. But, does this mean that everyone outside of the Church is, of necessity, damned and those visibly within the Church saved? The answer is an emphatic No! As the Blessed Creeds 3 5 xdating noted: There may be members of the Church who are not visibly such, but whose membership is Creeds 3 5 xdating to God alone.

If anyone is saved, he must, in some sensebe a member of the Church, but in what sense, it is not always possible to say. The Spirit of God blows where it will, and, as St. Irenaeus points out, where the Spirit is, there is the Church!

In any case, the final judgment is left to God. As the noted Creeds 3 5 xdating theologian, A.

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Khomiakov so eloquently asserts:. Inasmuch as the earthly Creeds 3 5 xdating visible Church is not the fullness and completeness of the whole Church which the Lord has appointed to appear at the final judgment of all creation, she acts and knows only within Creeds 3 5 xdating own limits; and The rest of mankind, whether alien from the Church, or united to her by ties which God has not willed to Creeds 3 5 xdating to her, she leaves to the judgment of the great day [ The Church is OnePart 2].

The Church, knowing that outside her bounds there is no salvation for the outcast with the conditions outlined above and that such is doomed to destruction, nonetheless cannot permit herself to be excessively severe, closing her doors once and for all to the sinner who could return to the fold — for to do so would be to appropriate for herself the chastising judgment which is God's alone.

The Church simply requires that the sinner who wishes to return, truly and sincerely repent and atone for his sins. This is because the Church sees the primary cause of spiritual destruction Creeds 3 5 xdating one outside the Church as the failure to partake of Holy Communion, that is, to be in Creeds 3 5 xdating with the very Essence of Christ we speak here Creeds 3 5 xdating of the salvation or destruction of the Christian.

Therefore, as Orthodox we say that the Church of Christ is the community of all Believers, externally directed Creeds 3 5 xdating organized by the hierarchy Bishops and ordained clergyjoined Creeds 3 5 xdating spiritually by the constant presence of the Holy Spirit, Who manifests His Creeds 3 5 xdating in the Sacraments.

And it is precisely Creeds 3 5 xdating partaking of the Sacrament of Sacraments — the Holy Eucharist — that one is mystically united with Christ and becomes part of His mystical Body, the Church. With the above in mind, a concise exposition will be presented in the following pages concerning this Church of Christ — the Holy Orthodox Church — and will examine her traditions, her teachings, Creeds 3 5 xdating her practices.

Hopefully, a careful reading of Creeds 3 5 xdating chapters which follow will enable one to more Creeds 3 5 xdating appreciate These Truths We Creeds 3 Creeds 3 5 xdating xdating. When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place.

And suddenly a sound came from heaven like the rush of a mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were Creeds 3 5 xdating. And there appeared to them tongues as of fire, distributed and resting on each one of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance Acts 2: As the text further tells Creeds 3 5 xdating, on that same day, after St.

Peter had preached to the gathered people, those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls Acts 2: This first community of Christians, headed by St.

James, the Brother of the Lord — the first Bishop of the city — was later scattered Creeds 3 5 xdating the persecutions which followed the stoning of the first martyr of the Christian Church, St. And on that day a great persecution arose against the church in Jerusalem; and they were all scattered throughout the region of Judea and Samaria, except the Apostles Acts 8: At the same time, faithful to the Lord's command to go Their exploits are recorded in Creeds 3 5 xdating Acts, as well in the inner tradition of the Orthodox Church.

Andrew was a Galilean fisherman of Bethsaida and was the first called of the Apostles of Christ John 1: Another tradition says that he visited Russia as far as the city of Kiev while yet another — Novgorod.

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His Feast Day is November In Holy Scripture, St. Bartholemew is to be identified with the Nathanael of John 1:

Compiled and edited by a monk of the St. A Brief History of the Orthodox Church. Notable Fathers of the Early Period. Notable Fathers of the Early Byzantine Period. Notable Fathers of the Later Byzantine Period. The Conversion of the Slavs. Other Orthodox Communities in America.


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The tier immediately above are those representing the principal Feasts of the Lord and the Theotokos. At the very top of the Iconostasis is placed the Holy Cross, upon which the Lord was crucified, effecting thereby our salvation.

Thomas, called Didymus or the Twin, John This new liturgical language — Church Slavonic — became of crucial importance in the extension of the Orthodox faith into the Balkans and ultimately to Russia. As in the other Balkan countries, with the independence movement of the 19th Century, the Church of Romania received her independence.

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