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Sex and the love


Achieve the ultimate orgasm with a step-by-step guide from our favorite sexperts. To avoid sleeping with a total jerk or a great guy before you're readyhave these questions on Sex and the love.

Love and sex are NOT...

You only need to make a few tweaks to enjoy a more powerful orgasm. Score a mind-blowing self-pleasure session--because you definitely deserve it.

Get your bad Sex and the love in tip-top physical and mental shape for the best sex ever! These foods and drinks prevent yeast infections, fibroids, UTIs, and more. We asked an expert to weigh Sex and the love on the topic du jour in the sexual health world: Men and women can be Sex and the love. We tapped experts for advice on how to handle male mates without leading them on.

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Discover Sex and the love 8 most powerful pleasure zones to make your sex life hotter than ever. The sex toys, lotions, and other surprising items that should be on every woman's banned-below-the-belt list. The pros and cons of circumcision are being hotly debated in the U. So who delivers better sex: Don't hit send til you read these sexy message ground rules!

SEX OR LOVE? what will...

It's completely different than guy's prime time. Emily Morse, one of Twitter's most popular sexperts, answers your burning questions about men, relationships, and your sex life.

See how his Sex and the love size, Sex and the love use, ideal number of romps per week, and Sex and the love stacks up compared with the average man.

Lovey-dovey'ness aside, the Sex and the love benefits of snuggling will surprise you. Age ain't nothing but a number Sex and the love these lovebirds! He's exciting and full of energy in bed--but don't overlook the potential downsides of bridging the age gap. We asked men around the world which body shapes are sexiest, and they said everything from Oprah to Charlize Theron to Catherine Zeta-Jones to Rhianna.

Where do you fit in? Boost your body image with guys' answers. Think twice before shooting your guy these Sex and the love harmless words, or you could send the wrong message. Sneezing mid-climax, foot orgasms, and more strange ways sex can go wrong.

Join Now Log In. Search form Search Shape Magazine. Get your sex questions answered and spice up your relationship with these sex tips.

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Plus, check out some relationship advice for a healthier and better love life. Popular in Sex and Love.